10 Bizarre Facts About North Korea and Kim Jong-Un

North Korea and Kim Jong-Un

Koreans history is just like India-Pakistan division. 1910 onwards till world war II, Korea was ruled by Japanese. On 8th August’1945, the Soviet Union declared war on Japan, as the Soviet troops marched rapidly, and the United States sensed the threat of losing entire Korea, they proposed the 38th parallel as the dividing line between the south & north with ‘Seoul’ the capital will be under American control.
South Korea quickly enhanced their economy and produced market leaders like LG & Samsung but the roar of North Korea was never heard.

Let’s take a look around North Korea:

1. Pot/Joints are legal

Most of what we know about this country is through the reports of outside agencies & it is believed that Cannabis is legal in North Korea and if it is true then its definitely a paradise for weed smokers. We know it may sound a bit fishy but it’s the harsh truth and we have to live with this.

2. Altogether a different Calendar

Can you believe that the calendar in North Korea is based on its founder’s date of birth? Yes, it’s true.
It’s the 21st century for the entire world but it’s 107th Juche in North Korea. They live like aliens on earth.

3. 4 TV Channels

As of August’16, there were only 4 TV channels to choose from and we have more than 1000 channels & we still crib about things.
First- From 1963, Korean Central Television which is believed to the oldest TV channels of North Korea and the only channel which can broadcast outside world news via satellite.
Second- Mansudae Television (year 1973): it can only broadcast the educational programs with occasional advertisements on weekends.
Third- Ryongnamsan Television (Since 1971): This channel broadcast science films in English, television lectures & educational programs in order to learn foreign languages.
Fourth- Sport Channel (Established in 2015): It broadcast sports events & competitions, documentaries and programs about the history.

4. No light in night!

Being an Indian, we know what power cut means. It’s annoying & pathetic. On the other hand, North Korea goes dark at night. We don’t have any particular evidence to prove it but it may be because of energy crisis in the country.

5. Elections to elect from the only candidate standing

Like most of the other countries, North Korea also have the provision of elections every 5 years but you can only choose from the only one standing. Basically, you don’t have a choose be it mayor’s election or governor’s election. North Korean’s will be given one choose and they have to choose it. #NotSoDemocratic

6. Punishment for 3 generations

If you commit a crime in North Korea, you along with your parents, grandparents & kids will be sent to jail. Just in case, you don’t have grandparent then your future generation will spend entire life behind the bars.
What the duck?

7. 28 Websites

North Koreans can only browse 28 websites on the internet. “Kwangmyong” is their intranet which gives you access to the internet. Here’s the catch- Computers are very expensive & one can only buy a computer if they have a permission from the govt. La La!

8. Say ‘no’ to Blue Jeans

Blue colored jeans are banned in North Korea as they think that it’s a symbol of U.S. restraint. If you want to break a rule in North Korea, then please refer to the point number 6.

9. Huge money on Military

With its recent nuclear & missile tests, it is quite evident that North Korea spends a huge amount on military forces estimated around 20% of their GDP.

10. Kim IL- Sung- The Eternal President

After the end of Japanese rule in 1945, he came into power and till 1994, he ruled the country. After his death, in 1998 he was pronounced as the Eternal Supreme Leader of the country which means he will remain president till the end of the world.
They were some of the interesting facts about North Korea, hope you liked it. Stay Tuned for More!


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