10 FIFA Fast Facts Every Soccer Fan Should Know

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For all the football fans across the globe, the FIFA World Cup is more of a cosmic event. It is not only the most popular soccer event but also reportedly the biggest event after Olympic Games.

Around 200 countries participate in this event which takes place after every four years. It was first held back in the year 1930 in Uruguay and this time, it is happening in Russia.

Let’s know FIFA a little better:

1. Foundation:

FIFA was founded in the year 1904 in Paris with only seven member countries, initially: Spain, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium and Switzerland.

2. Inclusion of England and United States:

The Football Associations of England and The United States joined FIFA in the year 1905 and 1913, respectively.

3. First World Cup:

Uruguay hosted the first ever World Cup in 1930 (July 13-30) where thirteen teams participated and Uruguay bagged the trophy.

4. Maximum Number of Wins:

The FIFA World Cup has been held 20 times since its inception in the year 1930 in Uruguay and Brazil has won the trophy for five times. Germany and Italy hold the second place in the maximum wins row with four wins, each.

5. FIFA World Cup Skipped:

During World War II (1939-1945), FIFA World Cup was skipped in 1942 considering the delicate situation. It was then again skipped in the year 1946 keeping the war aftermath in mind.

6. Two Host Nations:

In the whole history of FIFA World Cup, Korea and Japan together hosted the World Cup in the year 2002. Just for once, two countries were host nations.

7. Only Consistent Player:

Brazil is the only country to participate actively in each of the FIFA events.

8. FIFA’s Six Confederations:

The six confederations represent six different regions of the world: CONMEBOL (South America), UEFA (Europe), AFC (Asia), CONCACAF (North and Central America), OFC (New Zealand and South Pacific island nations) and UEFA (Europe).

9. Least Number of Teams Played:

In the year 1930, only 13 teams participated after Scotland, India and Turkey withdrew their names.

10. Ethics Committee:

FIFA established an ethics committee to address allegations and issues like match fixing, betting, bribery and other illegal practices observed before, during and after the matches.
FIFA’s journey till date is as glorious as the game. Let’s cheer for our favourite team and wish others all the best for FIFA World Cup 2018.

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