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10 Ideas to Make This Friendship Day Special


Wow! August is here. It is time to thank all your chaddi buddies, school friends, college besties, and colleagues. According to International history, this special day was originated by Joyce Hall in 1930. This day is celebrated on different dates around the world. In India and U.S., friendship day is celebrated on the first Sunday in August.
Friends are the ones who make your life easy and beautiful. There is a saying that ‘Best friends make good times better and hard times easier’.

If you have such friends who made this quote true for you, make them realize how important they mean to you. On this auspicious occasion of Friendship Day, meet all your friends who have got busy in their lives. Plan something special to enjoy with your friends and cherish the memories later. There can be different ways to turn it into a special day for you and your friends.

If you have not planned something, try out the points listed below

Plan a Get-Together

As you grow and get busy in life, some friends are left behind. Do not forget that the friendship developed in childhood is the everlasting bond. So, this friendship day, call your old friends and plan where to meet. You can spend a good time at your “adda” where you all loved to go and enjoy.

Road Trip can be a Great Idea

As it is a weekend, everyone must be at home. Hence no one can make excuses and easily get ready for a drive. A road trip is always a great and refreshing idea among friends. Just gather your gang, get a car and go for a drive. You can also stop in between and enjoy the roadside food. Enjoy yourself but drive safe.

Search Out the Activities in Town

As it is a special occasion, there must be some interesting events happening in the town. If you guys have an interest in reading, go for a book fair. You can also go for theatre, water park rides, outdoor games or art exhibition. So, check out the events taking place near you and according to your common interest, find the right place for you.

Sit, Talk and Share Memories

Spending time with each other is one of the best ways to enjoy with friends. Gather at a friend’s place, get some snacks and talk about all your old memories. No doubt, all of you have moved forward in your life but recalling the old memories can be really entertaining.

Share Notes and Messages

If meeting your friends is not that easy, then use social networking platforms. Just, type a message to thank your friends and tag them on the social networking sites. Besides using a message, also attach an old photograph with your friends. You can also create and post a video of your friends which can really be interesting.

Gift Something

An inexpensive gift can also bring a smile on your friend’s face. According to the likes and dislikes of your friends, you can buy something for them. Photo frames, rings, key chains, clocks, watches, and other accessories are the best gifts to offer someone. Just pack them in a unique to style to give a special look.


Friendship bracelets are always in fashion for adults as well as kids. There are different styles of bracelets available in the market that can be a perfect gift for your friends. These bracelets are just a unique way of saying “Thank You” to your special friends.

Surprise Your Friend

Offering gifts and sharing thank you messages is too mainstream. Try something new to make your friend feel special. For a change, you can contact a radio station and dedicate a song to your friend. This would surely make your friend feel special and happy.

Watch a Movie

Movies are the best source of entertainment among friends. If your gang has an interest in movies, just plan the timings and go for any of the latest movies in your nearby cinema hall. Enjoy popcorns in the interval and can also check out the apparel stores afterward.

Go for Lunch or Dinner

This is one of the best ways to spend time with your friends. Like good old days, invite everyone to meet at the same place and relive all the moments of past. Avoid talking about your accomplishments in life and prefer to talk about the times you were with each other.

Remember, man is a social animal and always need friends to share joys and sorrows. In the hustle and bustle of life, do not forget that your friends have a special place in your life. Always be thankful to them for adding all the funny moments in your life. Promise each other to stay in touch with everyone.

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