10 Reasons to Buy Moto E

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Moto E is a good smart phone in budget range which satisfies all you daily needs. Everyone is waiting for this mobile phone. But do you know why? What are the features of Moto E and what it offers to you?

Have a look on top features of Moto E with us. Find out why this mobile is best option to buy and also how to buy this mobile online?


1. Price:

Moto E mobile phone offers a display of size 4.3-inch. It has latest version of Android, dual-core Snapdragon 200 processor, 5 Megapixel cameras, 1GB RAM and full-day battery life in just Rs 6,999 (Now at 5,999). All these features make Moto E the best smart phone at this price point.

2. Android Version:

You will be amaze to know that Moto E is the only smart phone running on latest version of Android, KitKat. Also with this, Motorola has already promised that it will seed the next major build of Android to this smartphone. This mobile phone is free of unnecessary bloatware.

3. Processer:

The Moto E comes with a dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 A7 processor that clocks at 1.2 GHz and is supported by 1 GB of RAM. Now this mobile phone has more than enough power to handle your everyday needs. You will feel smoothness in you mobile functionality with these features. Additionally, the device has an Adreno 302 400 MHz single core graphics card. This card ensures that gaming is efficient and graphics are detailed.

4. Screen:

Moto E offers 4.3-inch display. With resolution of 960x540p this mobile looks attractive. The touch experience is awesome. Additionally, the screen is layered with Gorilla Glass 3. Hence you need not to worry about the screen protection. Display is better protected against scratches compared to rival handsets. In short, Moto E had best display among its range.

5. Body:

Again they added a new feature in this category, “a splash-resistant coating”. Moto E mobile offers you a splash-resistant coating outside as well as inside the body, so that it can withstand a little water. This simply means that you don’t need to worry for few water drops. This mobile resists water damage.

6. Battery Life:

Moto E comes with full day battery life promise. It gives you up to 24 hours of mixed media usage. Now, one can go long and far without a mobile charger. Moto E is equipped with a 1980 mAh Li-Ion battery.

7. RAM:

No smart phone from a major company offers 1GB RAM at Rs 7,000 but Moto E does. This is an ace card for Motorola’s entry-level offering. So forget about less memory notification message in this range of mobile phones. Moreover, the latest Android version and dual-core Snapdragon processor, coupled with the 1GB of RAM, will ensure that the Moto E runs smoothly.

8. Color Options:

While most phones come with only black and white color options, Moto E provides buyers the option to change the back cover to green, red, yellow, pink and other attractive colors. To protect the device from damage, you can also opt for grip shells. This helps in case your mobile is dropped accidentally.

9. Discount Offers:

One can buy Moto E from Flipkart from today. With this, one can enjoy the cool offers associated with mobile phone. If you buy it from today then you will win 50% discount on back covers and much more.

10. Connectivity:

This is happy news for all internet surfers. The Moto E allows you to browse the internet with fast speeds. This mobile works well on both 3G and Wi-Fi connections. Transferring pictures, video and data is also easy via Bluetooth 4.0 which is very fast and simple.

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