10 Reasons to Choose Hostgator: Coupon Codes 2014


No one wants to face any kind of problem in blogging. Let’s talk about Hosting related services today and find out what is best option for you. I am taking example of myself. I start blogging before 3 years. I have gone through many problems related to blogging like hosting, theme management, content related issues, image management, loading time, and other common errors. With My experience, I feel that Hostgatoris is the best option for a starter. This hosting service has been so nice and sweet. Here are top 10 reasons that why we should register and host our domains with Hostgator.

First, what is Hostgator?


Hostgator is an American web hosting company. It was founded in 2002 but now this one is the biggest name in web hosting companies. Now Hostgator has more than 9 million domains hosted.

Below are the top 10 benefits of choosing Hostgator webhosting:

1. Awesome Customer Care:

The best thing that I like about Hostgator is Customer care service. With their excellent customer care you will never feel to be imposed. Customer support is one of the areas where hostgator is a master. Their customer care is excellent and they respond you almost in no time. They provide you option of live chat, email and phone so you can choose any one according to your comfort.

2. Pricing:

Best thing that they offer to you is coupon codes, in-bulk discounts, and other affiliates offer. Hostgator provides you the affordable and best web hosting service as compared to others. They are very considerate in their pricing and they have coupons that make it possible for you to get discounts as you buy in bulk.

For example:  if you buy a Single Domain hosting for 1 year you will pay $5.56 per month but for two and three years they will offer you the same at the price of  $4.76 and $3.96 respectively.


Also you can use the coupon codes:

  1. HGCOUPONDEAL25 – Save 25% on your order!
  2. HGCOUPONDEAL99 – Get $9.94 OFF on any hosting package.

3. SEO Optimization:

With their Attracta SEO tool, one can generate Sitemap and submit it to various search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, etc. This helps in better Search Engine Optimization of your blog/website. One can also check that he is blacklisted by search engines or not?

4. Backup:

They provide backup for your data. So if your website gets hacked or something else then you can easily recover the data and start it again. With the backup option one can recover all the files.

5. Build-It-Yourself:

This one is best friend of new users. Hostgator provides “build-it-yourself” software. This option enables you to build and launch your site even if you are a newbie and have No knowledge to build websites.

6. Availability:


Hostgator gives a guaranteed 24 hours daily availability. So forget about poor networks, unnecessary interruptions and from network failure. Their experienced engineers work 24×7 to give satisfaction to their customers.

7. Reliability:

Hosting over 9 million websites is not an easy job. And this number is increasing day by day because they are much more reliable than one can think. Hostgator got many awards for their reliable support and services.

8. Personalized email:

Just forget about the Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail etc. Your email would now look like [email protected] or [email protected] or something else that you want. Hostgator offers you to choose your personalized email and when it comes to business dealing than everyone trust you more when you have personalized email.

9. Control panel:

Get total control over your site with control panel. With this option one can make any necessary changes that he wants. And it comes in free with Hostgator web-hosting. Change whatever you want to change and you can also add your sub-domain, etc.

10. Free registrar Lock:

Make you domain name available only for you with this feature. This option ensures that no accidentally transferred happens for your domain. Once your domain name is locked, nobody else can steal or transfer it. Only you have total access over the things.


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