10 Reasons Why You Should Stay Bachelor


Before you get excited about the list, I’d want to make sure that it doesn’t apply for all. But before jumping into it, it would be great to carefully consider all the reason below why you should stay “Bachelor.”

1. You are free, free, free

When you were 3 years old, you were plucked out of your home & became officially registered member of an institution which we call “School” & eventually it bullied you for next 14-15 years.
Being a bachelor is like a rebel- You can do whatever you want to, no restriction, unlimited trips, a fridge full of beer.

2. Self-respect

The only thing that a bachelor want is “self-respect.” Staying bachelor will help you attain that for eternity. No one can bully you, no orders, no commitments, basically a king’s life.
A beer & a football match- Life is sorted.

3. Your best years starts at 30

When we were young we use to think that life pretty much ends at 30.
I personally use to think that girls would not take interest in me after 30.
Hence, here comes the ‘but’ a man’s prime is in his 30’s. I know this mere sentence brings a smile on your face.


4. The relationship comes with a high price

Before we come to the conclusion of staying bachelor throughout our lives, we all must have had been through a relationship which in start seems like the most beautiful thing & then converts into one of the most expansive things in the entire universe. #StayBachelor
Sometimes it feels like you can buy an Audi A8 but you can’t buyout that relationship.

5. The wedding is like GST

Even our finance minister has no clue what “GST” is but it applies everywhere and will stay with you throughout your life & the best part is you’ll never understand the pro’s n cons of it vice versa wedding.
On the other hand, stay bachelor is like “NOTA”, you just don’t care. Life is simple.

6. Samaj ke wo 4 log

A biological fact- we are born to strew our seeds. But to accomplish that you don’t have to get married we have other ways to do that. Don’t get me wrong, I mean test-tube or maybe you can donate your seeds for a good reason.
India already holds the crown of the 2nd largest populated country and for a good reason let’s not top the chart.

7. Non-Infidel

A bachelor can never cheat on anyone because they don’t have to commit anything & that’s the best part of staying bachelor.
For a good reason “Not all men are stupid, some stay bachelors.”

8. Daily new additions to life

A new party, new friends, new friend circle, new opportunities (you know what I mean), you actually explore yourself.
Life is all about exploring yourself, new things, new world & if you disagree then read this very carefully “Not all men are stupid, some stay bachelors”

9. Social Norms

Hahaha! What does that really means? I don’t care & a bachelor too.
Social norms are meant for those who want to hold their horses and bachelors are born to fly HIGH!

10. Stay messy!

A bachelor can stay a cool passionate nerd throughout his life. Staying messy is always fun. Even every single office has a tall dark handsome guy who is always high on something or the other. Guess what? He’s a bachelor.
Life is a story & you are the writer of your own, be the best writer ever.

#StayBachelor, #StayYoung!


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