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10 Reasons Why You Should Stay in Delhi


I have been living in Delhi for a long time now or you can say I have spent almost half of my life in Delhi-NCR. In recent times I have been travelling to different cities, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata etc. etc.
Delhi is better than any other city in many ways & before you jump into the facts & figures, P.S:- This article is not meant to hurt anyone’s sentiments.


Hindi is our mother tongue & English is the most spoken language in the world. Delhi people can speak both though they have their own developed accent which sounds funny sometimes (Tohe samajh na aa paego :-p)
On the other hand, in other cities, people are more comfortable in their local language which sometimes gets very annoying & mostly turns into an adventure.

Cost of living

Not a chance of an argument on this. Delhi is cheaper than any other metro cities specially Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai are way too expensive for no reason.
A Tuborg beer bottle costs you 170rs but 120rs in Delhi. Hence Proved!

Street Food

Delhi wins it again.
Roadside maggi counters, Chai ka thela, Bread omelette etc. Be it tandoori chicken or grilled paneer, sophisticated restaurant or Murthal ke paratha. Delhi is all-in-one.


UP- Delhi- Haryana
Out of 29 states in India these three states decide our leader whom we call “Prime Minister” consisting of 97 Lok Sabha seats.
You can find the best of hookas around here throughout the year.
Here’s the best part, availability of daru is 24×7, NO DRY DAYS. (Chal bhai Faridabad chalte hai)


All 4 seasons- winter, summer, autumn & spring. That could be the reason why people in Delhi are more fashionable and their wardrobes are fuller. You get the opportunity to change your clothes with the season. I can bet on this, you can’t find it in any other metro city.


Roads are just not wider but they are huge in comparison to Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune and Kolkata.
And we are still learning how to drive in lanes, so we honk more & drive wherever we want.


Delhi has its own swag. People here are so busy that they don’t have time to understand what ODD-EVEN is, they thought it’s an opportunity to buy a new car because we have space to park cars, unlike Mumbai & other cities.


It’s a common expression for everything.
Tera bhai ne nayi ladki pata li behanchooo!


Aaj tera bhai Teachers piyega behanchoo!
Tu janta ni hai mera baap kon hai behanchoo!

Mann ki Baat!

Even PM Modi got inspired from Delhi. After 6 PM on Friday, starts the #MannKiBaat session. 3 beers down & #Obama resigns.


You can find all the possible variety of people in Delhi. Sometimes it feels like “Man in Black” is based on Delhi, all 29 states.
You can possibly get the taste of entire India in one place.


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