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10 Things that Make India Amazing


15th August 1947 is marked as the golden day in India’s history. This was the day when our country got freedom from the British rule after almost 2 centuries. Since 1947, it is celebrated as our Independence Day. On this auspicious occasion, a great celebration is organized at Red Fort in New Delhi.

Independence Day is celebrated as a national festival in all the States and Union Territories. Most of the government organizations are decorated by tri-color lights that inject the feeling of patriotism. It is the special day that fills the heart of Indians with pride for the nation.

It is an amazing country with rich history and heritage. There are unique things about the country that differentiate it from other countries. On the global platform, it is widely known for its culture, food, costumes, religions, tradition, belief, rituals and more. Read on the following points to know the astonishing facts related to the country:

Freedom Struggle

India had a unique principle of non-violence for fighting against British. The freedom fighters are admired till date for their courage and efforts. Men and women participated in great numbers in different events related to freedom. Such events are taught in many schools as a part of history now.


Most of the Indian cities are situated on the banks of rivers. Rivers in India play a vital role in agriculture and economy. There are various rivers in India which are considered sacred according to Indian mythology. The rivers offer water for drinking, producing electricity, irrigation purpose and more. Among various rivers, Ganga is the most holy and the longest river in India.


Mainly there are four religions in India. Throughout the country, you can find Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians living in the same society. The amazing thing is that people follow their own religion and respect the other’s religion too. They treat each other like brothers and sisters, and maintain peace among them.


As there are different religions and cultures in India, so there are various festivals. Basically, there are four religions in the country that celebrate festivals like Holi, Diwali, Eid, and Christmas. Each of the festivals has a mythological story related to it and is celebrated in a unique way.

Vibrant Culture

India is highly known for its culture across the world. It has different cultures followed by people of various race, religion, and place. People come from a different culture but stay united; this is the beauty of this nation. The culture differentiates on the basis of art, dance, music, food, and lifestyle.


At every nook and corner of the country, you can find something interesting to eat. Right from local food to five star cuisines, everything is worth tasting. Due to different cultures in the country, there is a great variety of food available for the foodies to try out. The spices used in the food offer them a unique taste, and India is well known for its spices.

Remarkable Achievements

India holds its significance in the global history as it is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Some of the oldest inventions are recorded in the name of the country. Trigonometry, Algebra, Zero, Calculus, Ayurveda and Yoga are some of the results produced by great minds of India.


Indian army is an ultimate weapon of the country. The army is strong enough to fight against the enemies even in adverse circumstances. The motive of the army is to save lives and win hearts of the citizens. Their only aim is to protect Indians from the neighboring countries who try to cross the borders.

Indian Railway

The country is best known for its rail network. It has one of the longest and oldest railway networks. With time, the department has continuously upgraded the technology. It is a cheap mode of transport in the country. Running 11,000 trains in a day is the result of great efforts of Railway department.

Welcoming Gesture

The citizens of India are widely known for their manners. We know how to make our guests feel comfortable and special. There is a unique way of greeting and welcoming each other which varies from place to place. This is one of the reasons that India is doing best in the tourism industry. Let’s keep our spirits alive and maintain that decency in our behavior towards our guests.

North, South, East or West….India has a different picture in every direction you travel. It sounds an amazing place because of its citizens who are hard working and fun loving. Respect towards elders and understanding nature is what they are basically known for. They have a high sense of patriotism and have guts to raise their voice against their enemies. Indians speak different languages; follow different culture, art, and music. Despite so many differences, they stay united.

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