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10 Tips That Can Save You From Corona Virus


Today the whole world is facing the same biggest pandemonium which is Coronavirus (COVID – 19) disease. This is a kind of infectious disease which is caused by a newly discovered coronavirus that spreads from person to person. According to the research, it infects the elderly and children most quickly. People who are struggling with a major illness such as heart disease, diabetics, and asthma are more difficult to get out of this disease.

According to the information, the virus started spreading from Wuhan city of China, and traveling through people slowly spread throughout the world and became the biggest concern for all.

The WHO has released its precautionary advisory to control the spread of this lethal virus that we should all follow.

Here are the top 10 Ten helpful tips that can save you from deadly Corona Virus:

Wear A Mask:

Keep away from others and wear a mask if you need to leave your home. Wearing masks despite being healthy is to protect yourself from the other sick people who may not wear a mask or cover themselves during their illness.
Social distancing is one of the most effective ways to stop the spread of this lethal Virus and determined yourself to stay away and stay safe.

Wash Your Hands:

Keep your hands clean and wash them regularly with soap and water. Use hand sanitizers if nothing is available to clean your hands. Wash your hands more than 15 seconds and you can use warm or cold water, scrub your fingers properly and clean the taps also after use because the infection can stay there by frequent use.

Cover Your Nose and Mouth while Sneezing:

Make use of tissue to cover your nose and mouth before sneezing and coughing, After use throw the tissue in the dustbin which should be covered properly. By throwing the tissue here and there a dog or any other animal can pick up the used tissue and move it from one place to another, which can spread the infection.

Avoid Touching Your Face and Eyes:

Don’t touch your face because it is the easiest way for the virus to enter your body through your nose, eyes, and mouth. Your hands touch all kinds of surfaces, from your phone, laptop, and toilet doorknob. It is the easiest way for the infection to enter your body. It will be good to avoid touching your face again and again, which can increase the possibility of getting infected.

Clean Your Mobile and Laptop Regularly:

Clean your phone and laptop that we keep them everywhere touch them with dirty hands. Clean the surface regularly which is used frequently. If there are some germs on the surface on your phone, it can enter you through your ear when you attend the call.


Keep yourself locked at home if you are sick and have a fever to keep the others safe and fit. Continue to monitor your health and if it doesn’t improve, call the doctor or helpline numbers to get proper first aid to stop the rise in the disease. Follow the instructions of the health care members and get treatment as per the doctor’s directions to get well soon. Do yoga or exercise to keep your immune system strong to beat the disease and recover.

Follow The Rules:

Awareness is goodness. So, keep yourself aware of the precautionary advisory of government and implement the safety measures. Precautions keep you safe and protect to get infected from viruses. Precautionary measures help us to prevent any danger and control the spread of disease. World Pandemic has become a matter of concern for all the countries and at this time we should together accept the advice of the government and should not promote false information.

Eat Healthy:

Keep your immune system strong to fight against the infections and consume green veggies and food which are rich in essential vitamins. Eat only packed food., choose online methods to pay for your meal to minimize indirect contact. If you pay in cash then try to give the exact amount so that you don’t need to make the change back.

Cut Your Travel:

Cast aside all kinds of nonessential travels. Most COVID -19 positive cases, which afterward spread to the communities. In a crowded environment like India, the main tact of the spread of this virus is physical touch. Gathering more people increases the risk of spreading the disease which can lead to a jump in the number of sick people and increased risk of disease progression. It is our duty as citizens of our country that we give our own contribution in fighting this disease and following the rules made by the government. Face this disaster together protect yourself and others.

No Smoking and No Drinking Rule:

Avoid consumption of smoking, alcohol and other addictive substances, it causes respiratory illness and feeble your lung capacity and destroy the cells lining your tracts these cells are crucial to fight the virus. Smoking and alcohol consumption is harmful to health in general and people consumed it in excess. It weakens you to fight any other disease and reduces your chances of recovery.

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