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10 Ways to Make Your Teacher Happy on Teacher’s Day


Teachers’ Day celebration is one of the memorable events during school days for everyone. Again it’s time to thank those wonderful teachers who are the backbone of our society. Even if you are a pass out, you can visit your school and wish your teachers.

Teachers’ Day is a great occasion to thank all the gifted souls for their efforts. This day is celebrated on 5th September in commemoration of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. He was known as a great teacher who contributed towards the Indian education system in a significant manner. Dr. Radhakrishnan was a great philosopher and served the country as the first Vice President and second President.

On this auspicious occasion, different activities are performed by the students in order to entertain and thank their teachers. This day is celebrated in every school and college across the country. Teachers’ Day celebration is one of the memorable events during school days for everyone. Again it’s time to thank those wonderful teachers who are the backbone of our society. Even if you are a pass out, you can visit your school and wish your teachers. They will definitely understand and value your gesture of love and respect for them.

Do not forget that teachers are the source of knowledge and wisdom. They are the dynamic support for the students and always encourage them to cross every hurdle. Apart from academics, they teach students the moral values that make them complete human beings. Teachers are the living inspiration for students. So, plan out something to make your teachers feel special on this day.

Following are some of the ideas that can help you to make it a memorable day with your teachers:

Greeting Cards

Colors are everyone’s favorite and handmade cards are always valued. It carries the emotions and makes the teacher feel how special he or she is. So, take out your crayons and show your creativity to impress your teacher. Decorate it with glitters and write a lovely message for your teacher.


A single stick of rose or a bouquet of flowers can surely make your teacher happy. It would be good if you know the favorite flower of your teacher. Besides a flower, add a compliment while wishing your teacher. This would definitely bring a smile to her face. Tell her why you admire her. In case you have passed your school or college, just send a bouquet of flowers to her home.

Small Gift

Teachers never expect gifts from their students but on this day, you can gift a pen or diary that she can use. No matter how digital the world goes, a teacher always carries a diary and a pen. Your small gift will express your love towards her. Any such gift can be made more special with her name engraved on it. She will remember you for a long time for all such small efforts to make her happy.

Share Memories

Do not forget to share all your good experiences with your teachers. Especially discuss the positive values that you have gained from them. Tell your teachers that besides academic knowledge they have given you a perspective to live life. Praise them for their thankless job. If you are an ex-student, share all your good memories. As a student what were the things that you noticed about your teacher, share all such secrets.

Note of Appreciation

In your own words, write a message for your teacher. Pen down all the respect and love that you feel for her. Beautiful words have the power to strike a chord in emotions. A note in your own handwriting will surely make the teacher happy. There are chances that she keeps your letter safe in a book and cherish it in future too.

Make a Collage

This can be a wonderful idea. Just collect all the photographs of your batch with your teacher and portray them in a style. Add small messages in the space left vacant in the college. Decorate it with all your craft material and keep it simple. In case you have passed your school or college, you can get the messages from your friends and collectively write on the collage.

Write a Poem

Writing a poem can be a difficult task but even four lines written for a teacher would make her happy. Especially if she is your language teacher, she would be more than happy. You can take the help of the internet and rephrase something in your own words.

Welcome Your Teacher

Just keep aside all your notorious plans and give respect to your teachers. Behave like decent students and listen to them. Do not make any mischief in class that annoys your teachers. They would really be surprised at such behaviour. It is one of the easiest things to make your teachers happy.

Go for Lunch

If you are an ex-student and want to spend some time with your teacher on this occasion, plan for lunch. Inform your teacher beforehand so that she can easily manage her time. Call all your batch mates and plan a lunch at a restaurant. Surprise your teacher with a bouquet of flowers and a small gift after lunch.

Gift a Book

Books are my best friends and teachers always love to read. Try to find out what books they love to read. Search out the market and find the best collection in that particular category. Select a book and wrap it beautifully. Such gifts are highly praised by the teachers.

You must have got some idea about how you are going to make this Teachers’ Day special for your teachers. Make the most of this opportunity and express all your feelings for them. This is a golden opportunity to show all your gratitude towards them. Your small efforts can bring a smile to their face.

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