10 Ways to Pamper Your Sister


Brothers and sisters are said to be as close as hands and feet. By birth, they are the best friends and real partners in crime. Most of their childhood is spent in fighting and doing mischiefs. By sharing the childhood with siblings, unknowingly they build memories for future. They always share the purest form of love and care for each other like none.

They can fight over the minute things like buying pens and accessories, switching off the lights at night, deciding the menu in a restaurant, selecting the channel to watch, and so on. Brothers don’t need any topic to start the fight but won’t allow any other person to raise a finger against their sister. Is that the case with you too? Do you also love your sister in the same way? If yes, then the festival of Rakshabandhan must be special to you.

The festival of love and trust between brother and sister is around the corner. So, have you decided how you are going to make this Raksha Bandhan a special day for her? Read on the following ideas and plan something to make her feel happy.

1. Buy a Gift for Her:

Girls love surprise gifts. Even if a girl’s wardrobe is packed with apparels and accessories, they never say no to an addition. A single accessory or dress can bring a perfect smile on her face. So, find out what she wants to add to her wardrobe next, and gift it to her. Besides this, you can also add a bunch of chocolates or her favorite book or a personalized gift item. This will surely make her happy.

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2. Spend Time with Her:

Due to your busy schedule, if you had not met your sister, get some time for her. After performing all the rituals of the festival, take her out for shopping. You can also go for a movie or simply sit at home and do some gossip. Talk about the notorious stuff you enjoyed in your childhood.

3. Show your Cooking Talent:

Learn to cook and try your hands in the kitchen. This is the right time to show your skills and surprise everyone around. Nothing more than this effort of yours could make her feel special. Just, cook her favorite dish and make her feel pampered.

4. Visit Her Favorite Restaurant:

Plan your lunch outside. Going to her favorite restaurant can also be a good idea. Let your sister place the order or try something new. This can be one of the best ways to start the conversation and spend time with her.

5. Gift Her a Jewelry:

Do not forget that girls are fond of jewelry. Take out some amount from your savings and buy a ring or a neckpiece for your sister. It’s a bet that she would love this gift and keep it safe. She would definitely cherish this piece of gift for years.

6. Use Your Creativity:

A handmade card over a precious gift will always be valued. Get something personalized for her, even a greeting would do. Write a message for her and describe all your feelings for her. A collage can also be a perfect gift item on this day to make her feel special. You can also buy a gift and decorate it in a unique style with your creativity.

7. Share Your Feelings:

No doubt, you love your sister the most and can cross the boundaries to protect her. Express it in words this time. A strong girl doesn’t need anyone to fight on her behalf.  She can handle the situation on her own. All you need to do is to make her realize that she is not alone and you will always stand by her side if she needs you.

8. Be her Butler for the Day:

This can be really interesting. Start the day with a bouquet of flowers. Decorate her room, play games with her. Fulfill all her orders. Serve her with the best food items and entertain her throughout the day.

9. Go for a Drive:

Why only girlfriends have the privilege to go for drives? Let your sister be on the non-driving seat this time. Take her out for an adventurous trip and have some fun at the roadside. Also, enjoy the street food, if available.

10. Buy an Internet Pack for Her:

Free internet pack for a month can really excite her. You can get it done easily and she would be happy too. To buy a gift, you need to think about her likes and dislikes. Getting the internet recharge done does not even require great efforts. This is one of the easiest ways to make your sister happy.

Hope, you have some plan to make this Rakshabandhan a special day for your sister. Your small efforts can bring a smile on her face and make her feel special. So, be the Best Brother and pamper your Sister.


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