10 Ways to Care for Your Nails

Beautiful nails

In today’s fashion world; beautiful and healthy long nails have their own importance. The bold, healthy, fluorescent color sweeping beautiful nails are present in everyone’s wish list. Our hands and feet are used for a lot of work in our daily life but we usually ignore our nails. Yeah, they are just dead cells, but being a part of our body they also require as much care as we give our face and hair. Nail health indicate your personal style and grooming as well as your overall health. Our nails have had to bear the brunt of bacterial infections and cuticle damage. Thus nail care is more important than you think.

Below are some tips to keep your nails healthy and clean.

1. Nail extensions and Manicures/Pedicures

Nail_extensions_Manicures_ListiceTo keep nails healthy and beautiful get your nails pampered once in a while with a good relaxing manicure and pedicure but ensure it is a reputed salon and all tools that are going to be used are sterilized properly. Don’t get your cuticles removed since it can lead to infection. Nail extensions are good for gorgeous nails but if not properly done it could cause fungal and bacterial infection. A good and proper manicure/pedicure and nail extension can do wonders.

2. Avoid bad nail habits

Nail_Bite_ListiceOne of major obstacle for good nails is stress bite. Prolonged bite can damage your nails badly and make fingernails weak. Another one is peeling skin removal. Hangnails can causes discomfort but peeling them off can cause bleeding and fungal infection or bacterial infection. Use clipper or special nail scissors to avoid or get rid of them. Another safer way is use proper tools and wear gloves.

3. Nail hardeners

Nail-Hardener-ListiceNail Hardener is useful for weak nails. Hardeners are chemicals typically make nails harder so they don’t break off easily. But it is very important to choose your nail hardener very carefully. Hardener are of two type: Cross Linking Hardener which work on the inside of the nails to tie the keratin chains in your nails and second one is Reinforcing hardener which work on the outside of the nail by adding a layer on top. Always use Nylon fiber based hardeners, because hardeners are chemical based containing toluene or sulfonamide which can cause skin irritation or allergic reactions. Over using hardener have the adverse effect of making your nails more brittle.

4. Filing

Filing_nail_ListiceFiling nails properly is a good way to keep your nail beautiful and good looking. Often jagged nail edges get caught in clothes, socks causing them to break. But if you filing your nails at least in a weak, it keeps the nails healthy and well maintained. Always use sharp and proper filler. When filing, first use the coarse shaping side to remove more nail but for smoothing the nails, use the finer side of the nail file. Move from corner to center. File your edges smooth not too deep. Finished nails should be oval and slightly triangle but not pointed.

5. Trimming

Trimming_Nails_ListiceIt is advisable that your nail should not be exceeding more than a quarter of an inch of fingernail otherwise they become curved and crooked. So trimming your nails regularly keeps them beautiful and strong and also preventing them breakage. Those who use their hands a lot for work should keep their nails shorter. An average nail grow 0.1 millimeter daily but middle finger nail and ring finger nail grow faster than the other. You should trim your nails once in a weak. When you’re trimmed your nails keep them into water for some time to make them soften. After trimming file your nails properly for smoothing out edges

6. Protection

Protection_Nails_ListiceDoing household work like cleaning utensils, clothes and other works expose your nails because of very strong chemicals in soap and detergents which make nail weak and damaged. To avoid this wear rubber gloves while cleaning to protect your nails from chemicals and strains. You should also protect your nails from sun. Sun burn also affects your skin under your nail. It is always advisable to apply good quality nail polishes enriched with UVA and UVB protection agents.

7. Nail nutrition

Nail_nutrition_ListiceNail health is also important like body health even they are just dead cells. But they also require proteins, vitamins and minerals. Nail health dependent upon our diet. Hence you should eat lot of protein present food like egg, fish, soya, Iron richer food like meat, oily fish green vegetables along with vitamin richer food such as fruits etc. Otherwise skin of under nail become pale in color and nail become brittle and curved. And the most important thing is to take care of would be drink lots of water!

8. Nail polishes and removers

nail-polish-remover-listiceIt is advisable that always use best quality nail paints. Nail polishes are not only for beautifying your nails; they also have some other purpose like protection from sunburn and damage. Typically nail polishes are made of a filming agent, a solvent and for coloring. But the regular use of nail polish turns your nails yellow due to pigment absorption. So use nail polishes less frequently and remove it at least in a weak with non toxic polish remover.

9. Clean Nails

Clean_Nails_ListiceIt is main and most important thing to keep your nails neat and clean. Dirt and dead skin become causes of infection and fungi. So regular clean your nails, wash them with soap and water after scrubbing them. Staining of nails can be removed by rubbing the stained area with bleached cotton ball. To clean nails always use soap and soft brush instead of hard objects. The natural way to keep nails clean would be to use lemon water.

10. Moisturize and Massage

Moisturize_Nails_Listice-206x206It helps to look your nails better, make them soft and also protect them from breaking. It reduces the chances of damage, cracked, split or chipped. It is a safe beauty tip. Before going to bed moisturize your nails by using Vaseline, lip balm or petroleum jelly. You can also use oil such as coconut oil, olive oil or caste oil etc. It increases the growth rate and also improves circulation.


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