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15 Alternatives to Google AdSense


Though Google AdSense is the current leader in the world of advertising networks, many are facing problems with it. Here are a few alternatives.

Alternatives to Google AdSense


Bidvertizer offers some interesting ad formats like free design. They have excellent payouts. It also supports pop under ads and XML feeds. Two new features are: conversion bonus and revenue generating toolbar.


It is very similar to AdSense as it allows user to customize their ads, with $10 payout system. It started as a complimentary advertising system, complimenting existing ads. Now it has grown into a full-fledged advertiser system with pay-per-call feature.

A relative newcomer in the advertiser system, with simple and effective ways and most relevant in-text advertising links. It also guarantees highest revenue share. It is a pay per click advertiser system and helps make money through blogs based on specific keywords. It has features like Related Tags and Search Widgets.

It is a similar advertiser system like Info links. It focuses on providing results to clients and generating revenues for publishers. It also supports ad hosting on blog pages. It has a monthly payment system and worth a try.

It is a good alternative to AdSense. It offers to publishers and advertisers PPC (pay per click) and CPA (cost per action). It has easy payment method and supports blogs and news feeds.


It gives great competition to AdSense being much more lenient and tolerant than Google. It also has a high bid Cost per Click policy which generates decent revenues. It has a 15 day payment schedule, hence giving more frequent payments. It has features like pop-under and banner.

Exit Junction

Its way of advertising is compatible with all other advertising servers including AdSense. It mainly focuses on displaying ads while leaving the site and hence generates revenues from browsers stumbling upon your site.


It is one of the simplest advertising networks which provide additional methods to generate increased revenues. It can be set up in a matter of minutes and has one of the best payout policies in the business.

Dynamic Oxygen

Its most notable feature is that it does not prioritize only the big sites, giving equal importance to all. It even includes international sites and is ideal for non-US publishers. It has unique ad formats like Layer Ads, Peeler Ads, etc.


This ad network provides text ads and pop up ads with the pop ups generating more revenues. The ads are cost per click and have a minimum payout of only $5.

Tribal Fusion

Only blogs and websites with high traffic get accepted by Tribal Fusion. Once accepted it can fetch good revenues through CPM.


If your website has a huge traffic then you can make good use of it to make a decent income. You can sell spaces available in your website to advertisers through BSA on the basis of months or years. BSA charges only a small amount from your income.


It is the largest online store and a CPA ad network. They put up dynamic image ads on your website and pay a small commission for every sale that happens through your link.


It is an ad marketplace where the sellers and buyers can interact and negotiate the price. But due to huge competitions, only popular sites can make it through.


It is another CPA site like the Amazon. It can be a good option to earn money especially if you have enough space left in your website to fill up with eBay ads.

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