5 Famous Red Light Areas and Their History

5 Famous Red Light Areas and Their History

As per Wikipedia, the business of prostitution is legal in India. However, there are a lot of illegal prostitution places as well which are fully functional. And if we talk about facts and figures, there has always been a lot of underworld & goons’ stories which are related to prostitutes & the business.

Let’s have a look at some of the famous red-light areas & their stories:

1. Sonagachi, Kolkata- Asia’s Biggest

Sonagachi, Kolkata- Asia’s Biggest

Asia’s largest red light area with approximately 11,000 prostitute works as per 2012 data. This place was established by British East India Company as their soldier’s wives were back in England and as to satisfy their horny hunger, they used to bring the local widows to work as sex workers. There are hundreds of different brothel stories around. In fact, in 2005- the documentary on Sonagachi won the Oscar for the best documentary named “Born in Brothel: Calcutta’s Red Light Kids”.

2. Kamathipura, Mumbai- The Political Concern

Kamathipura, Mumbai

This is known as the second-largest red light area in India after Sonagachi. It was established in 1795 with the name of Lal Bazar which is now known as Kamathipura. It got its name after the ‘Kamathis which means- Workers’’ of the other parts of the country. Due to AIDS concerns, Mumbai police and the government decided to reform the policy in order to help prostitutes move out of the business. Back in 1992, there were more than 50,000 active sex workers which are now reduced to 1,600 in 2009. Kamatipura is roughly divided into 14 lanes as per sex worker’s regional & linguistic background. This area had more than 55 thousand voters in 2007 but due to lack of political interference, no one really bothered about them because of which a lot of NGO’s came into the picture to help them out.

3. Meerganj, Allahabad- Unknown Territory

Meergunj, Allahabad

Even we couldn’t find many things about this place as Wikipedia & other sources has nothing but half information about it. This place is known for forced prostitution & illegal works. You can find different varieties here as most of the sex workers come from West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, MP & North-eastern parts of India. On May 17, 2012- With the help of an NGO named ‘Rescue Foundation’, Allahabad police had busted a big sex racket where 19 women were detained. This place is also considered as very dangerous for foreigners and tourists and for a good reason we all know why.

4. G.B. Road, New Delhi- Tech, Food & Sex


This place is quite famous in New Delhi which stands for “Garstin Bastion Road”. People have their own safe interpretation of G.B. Road such as Gautham Buddha Road, Gul Bahar Road etc. etc. in order to keep it exciting. With over 1,000 active sex workers this is also known as the oldest red light area of India back from Mughals. At that time there were 5 different Kothas/Brothels but when Britishers came into the picture they picked them up & throw them in one place which is now called as G.B. Road. This is just not a regular red area but you can also find machinery parts, automobile parts, hardware, tools and the best non-veg food. Hence, it becomes the deadly combination of technology, food & sex.

5. Chaturbhuj Sthan, Muzaffarpur (Bihar)- Dance Sex Dance

Chaturbhuj Sthan

It is said that this place exists since the Mughals and home t more than 3,500 active sex workers. It got its name after the famous Chaturbhuj Sthan Temple.
This place is believed to be the best place to relax as you will get everything you desire for. When you go there, you’ll find girls performing which is called Mujra and then you can choose the one you like to satisfy your needs. That’s why we named it “Dance Sex Dance”.

There are many NGO’s helping them out with daily life problems & educating them about safe sex.
This article is to help you understand the current situation in India & we request you to say #NoToPaidSex.

Let’s work together and built a new India where there is no rape & no paid sex.


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