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5 Hot Favorite Tourist Destinations of America


America the land of glitz and dreams allures tourists from around the world to its exotic locations. USA, a nation of diversity and extremities has a lot to offer to travelers seeking adventure and adrenalin rush. Whether you are a water person or you are into hiking, whether you like the beauty of dawn or you admire the scintillating night life, America caters it all with panache to the tourists.

Experience the magnetism of America’s hottest travel destinations

New York

Famous for the iconic Time Square and the world famous Empire State Building, New York, is arguably the most famous city of America. One cannot miss the biggest attraction of the city the Statute of Liberty that has been enchanting the tourist with its beauty and enigma for decades. Along with all the glamour and glitz, one is sure to get the taste of vibrancy and freshness that is found only in the air of New York.

Las Vegas

A city that is nothing short of ecstasy and almost like heaven for those who believe in living life in all its grandeur and magnanimity. The city that beams with lights in a haven for those who are into gambling, parties and night outs. Splurge in the swanky casinos and night clubs of Vegas, taste the best food and experience the extraordinary on your next trip to Las Vegas.


The city attracts one and all with its breathtaking attractions and exquisite culture. Whether you go to Grand Park or you visit the SkyDeck Chicago or the famous Millennium Park, you are in for a unique experience. Visit Chicago for an authentic experience of real America.

Los Angeles

Fly to Los Angeles, the city that houses the world famous Disney Land and the Universal Studios. The homeland for artists from around the world attracts tourists to its celebrated Hollywood Sign, a sign that has become a synonym to America. Visit the city for its culture and substance and take exuberant memories back home.


Visit Miami and be lost in its miles and miles of coastline. The city known for its beaches is the perfect place for those who love water. Enjoy the natural beauty and lavish that the city offers to the visitors. The city with two National Parks is the ideal place to visit with family. Do not forget your camera!

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