Monday, April 15, 2024

5 Ways to Cut Down Plastic Use – BeatPlasticPollution


Plastic is everywhere. Government and cooperations are doing their part. The least we can do is to reduce our personal plastic footprint.

Here are 5 ways you can contribute and Beat Plastic Pollution:

Carry a Reusable Bottle:

Say no to single-use plastic! Single-use plastic is the main contributor to plastic waste. Carry your own reusable bottle that you can refill many times.

Carry a Reusable Coffee Cup:

Instead of drinking coffee in a disposable coffee cup and throwing it away every time you drink coffee, carry your own reusable cup and reduce your trash.

Avoid Excessive Plastic Food Packaging:

You go to the supermarket to buy some food and come home to discard the plastic food packaging in your bin. The non- biodegradable plastic waste in your bin ends up getting dumped on land or in the ocean. Why not avoid getting plastic packaging in the first place? Try to carry your own cloth or jute bag while shopping and avoid opting for the plastic packaged food items.

Disposable Cutlery Should be Avoided:

Although it may not be possible to always a plan thing out before, try keeping a metal spoon or fork with you before you go out to get ice cream or some food item. Usually, the only option you are offered with food items is single-use plastic spoon or fork.

Plastic Straws Suck!

Next time you go to a restaurant or a pub, think if you really need a straw or not. Even if you absolutely need a straw, there are many places that are coming up with biodegradable straw options such as glass, metal or paper straws.

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