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6 Step Code of Conduct You Must Follow While Driving


India has one of the largest road networks in the world, but despite that India’s roads are counted amongst the most unsafe ones. More than 415 people die on Indian roads every day due to reckless driving behavior, and 1500+ individuals are injured in road crashes. It’s time to change this scenario and make Indian roads a safe haven for all. The government has taken several steps to ensure road safety, including hefty fines, allotting special personnel to keep a check, installing CCTV’s and strictly enforcing the rules. But it is us who can really bring a change. If we all make it a practice to follow the rules, no matter the situation, the situation on our roads can be improved. There will be fewer jams, fewer crashes, and almost no road fatalities.

Here is the 6 Step code of conduct you must follow at all times, to ensure not only your safety but of others too.

The 6 Step Code of Conduct

Use of Safety Devices (Seat Belts, helmets and child restraints)

As soon as you sit in your vehicle, wear your seatbelt before putting your key in the ignition. Also, ensure that all other co-passengers too have appropriately fastened their seatbelts. In case there are any children traveling along, make sure that you have proper child restraints and baby seats affixed in your vehicle. Always wear your helmet before riding on your two-wheeler, and carry an extra one, just in case there is another passenger, even if you are giving someone a short ride.

No Driving Under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs

“Drinking and driving don’t work well together unless the drink is water”– this is a popular phrase often used by car manufacturing brands to beware users of the hazards of drunken driving. Going out with friends for a party? Book a cab instead of driving your own vehicle, and eliminate the probability of a road crash. If there are no rental cars available, stay at a nearby hotel, or rent a room for the night. Don’t shy away from asking your friends for a night stay, after all, it is for your own safety!

Adhere to speed limits (Do not Overspeed)


Over speeding is the leading cause of road crashes in India. Vehicle owners often exceed the defined speed limits on roads, as a result crashing into other vehicles or pedestrians. Rash driving and overtaking are common on Indian roads and a major cause of fatalities. The comm0n causes of over speeding include poor time management, inappropriate rod sense, and the excitement of flaunting your new car to friends and colleagues. Instead of speeding on the main roads, you can flaunt your driving skills on rarely used roads, but even then, keep in mind that you have full control over your car at all times. Try and manage your time well so that you don’t have to rush on the roads.

No Distracted Driving (Restrictions on usage of Mobile Phones)

In today’s age, technology is the solution as well as the cause of most of our problems. While your phone can guide you well on the road, but it can also be the cause of a crash. Try to memorize the way, and only glance at your phone when you are waiting for a long red light to turn green. You can also ask your fellow passenger to convey the directions to you, or if you’re driving alone, park your vehicle on the roadside before taking a look at the phone. Other than this, avoid any unnecessary conversation with other people in your vehicle, turn down the volume of your stereo, and focus completely on the road.

Ensuring the Right of Way (Priority to Pedestrians and cyclists)

Pedestrians and cyclists are the least protected people on the road, and it is your responsibility to ensure their safety. Give way to pedestrians crossing the road, and do not in any circumstances jump the red light, even if there is no vehicle coming from the other side. Also, make sure there is ample space available on the left if you are driving on the extreme left to give way to cyclists. The road is meant for cyclists too, and you must keep your vehicle off the intended cycle tracks. Pedestrians and cyclists too should adhere to the road safety rules, and cross only when its safe to do so.

Use of safer vehicles (Driver and Vehicle both fit to drive)

To make vehicles safer, manufacturers are incorporating the latest technology in all motor cars. As a responsible citizen, you must ensure that your vehicle is equipped with the latest security measures such as airbags, safety kits, properly working parts, etc. Get your vehicle serviced at appropriate intervals to avoid any unwanted hazards. Also, make sure that you or any other river are absolutely fit to drive, have appropriate documents and a good road sense.

To Sum Up

The road Safety Norms are meant for your own safety and must be strictly followed at all times. Make it a practice to follow the above 6 code of Conduct on roads, and help make Indian roads safer for all. Be a responsible citizen, take the Pledge and become a Road Safety Warrior. Join the Movement India Against Road Crash and help spread awareness to others in your community too. You Must Be The Change, to Bring The Change.

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