Quotes70+ Best Anger Quotes

70+ Best Anger Quotes

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1. I want to confess everything, to hand over the guilt and mistake and anger to someone else.

2. Men are not justified by calling those actions involuntary, which are done by reason of Anger or Lust.

3. If you’re constantly being hurt, offended, or angered, you should honestly evaluate your inflamed ego.

4. Now, don’t be angry after you’ve been afraid. That’s the worst kind of cowardice.

5. When I’m mad I don’t have room to be scared.

6. A good compromise leaves everyone angry.

7. Anger has no old age but only death; The dead alone can feel no touch of spite.

8. On the other hand, Florence was right. The kids were definitely mad at me. But as a Chinese mother, I put that out of my head.

9. It takes energy to get angry. It eats you up inside. I can’t waste my energy like that and expect to get ahead.

10. O, you have torn my life all to pieces . . . made me be what I prayed you in pity not to make me be again!

11. Sometimes we see the way out but wander further and deeper despite ourselves; the fear, the anger or the sadness preventing us returning.

12. Then, of course, those with stars all got frightfully mad. To be wearing a star now was frightfully bad.

13. There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man.

14. If your heart is a volcano, how shall you expect flowers to bloom?

15. I planted a seed of hatred in my heart. I swore it would grow to be a massive tree whose roots would strangle them all.

16. Do not meddle in the affairs of Wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger.

17. Skin fighting isn’t rough. It blows off steam better than anything.

18. You’re angry because you’re afraid. You all are. Deep down, you’re all the same.

19. Love your rage, not your cage.

20. Your evil bird blinded me!” he cried. “For that I curse you! I will see you dead! And you, Narciso, I swear to kill you!

21. I will NOT go away. I do NOT wish to go!

22. I have had many years to learn that losing my temper rarely helps.

23. Now I am making an end of my anger. It does not become me, unrelentingly to rage on.

24. Women are like that. When they are enraged they have great strength.

25. Anger flashed through me, hot and wild. In eight full lives, I’d never had an emotion touch me with such force.

26. Anger without action leaves us bitter and not better.

27. People come here to prosper. You have nothing here. What have you accomplished?

28. Anger is the enemy of non-violence and pride is a monster that swallows it up.

29. People who try hard to do the right thing always seem mad.

30. Anger does not come easy to me. It is something I have to encourage, like a greyhound in second place.

31. We are all monsters because we are letting it happen.

32. Your pain and anger will pass, but the guilt would remain with you for always.

33. You ruined everything!’ Sayle howled. ‘How did you do it? How did you trick me? I’d have beaten you if you’d been a man!

34. But to kill for the sake of killing is the way of the weasel and the fox, and the hunter who kills so angers the Forest Gods.

35. Anger is like a flame blazing up and consuming our self-control, making us think, say, and do things that we will probably regret later.

36. He who angers you conquers you.

37. If your heart is a volcano, how shall you expect flowers to bloom?

38. No one can make you jealous, angry, vengeful or greedy. Unless you let him.

39. Anger is really disappointed hope.

40. Anger doesn’t demand action. When you act in anger, you lose self-control.

41. Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm.

42. Never get angry. Never make a threat. Reason with people.

43. No beast is more savage than man when possessed with power answerable to his rage.

44. Discussion is an exchange of knowledge; an argument an exchange of ignorance.

45. There’s a natural law of karma that vindictive people, who go out of their way to hurt others, will end up broke and alone.

46. Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems.

47. Anger makes you smaller, while forgiveness forces you to grow beyond what you were.

48. It’s time we stop worrying, and get angry you know? But not angry and pick up a gun, but angry and open our minds.

49. It isn’t the mountain ahead that wears you out; it’s the grain of sand in your shoe.

50. When you are offended at any man’s fault, turn to yourself and study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger.

51. Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.

52. Humor is almost always anger with its make-up on.

53. Out of anger comes controversy, out of controversy comes conversation, out of conversation comes action.

54. The more anger towards the past you carry in your heart, the less capable you are of loving in the present.

55. I have not lost faith in God. I have moments of anger and protest. Sometimes I’ve been closer to him for that reason.

56. Erst kommt das Fressen, dann kommt die Moral.

57. Anger resembles fire. Like the fire, if you keep feeding it, it will get stronger, and harm you. If you stop feeding it, it will fade away.

58. Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength.

59. Consider how much more you often suffer from your anger and grief, than from those very things for which you are angry and grieved.

60. Resentment quotes and anger quotes that emphasize the importance of getting rid of resentment and of anger.

61. The seeds of anger and resentment cannot germinate and grow in a peaceful and calm mind.

62. Don’t waste your time in anger, regrets, worries and grudges. Life is too short to be unhappy.

63. Never get angry. Never make a threat. Reason with people.

64. Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.

65. Where there is anger, there is always pain underneath.

66. Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.

67. The degree of one’s emotion varies inversely with one’s knowledge of the facts: the less you know the hotter you get.

68. The more anger towards the past you carry in your heart, the less capable you are of loving in the present.

69. Being unable to control your temper is no less of an illness than being anxious or depressed, and it deserves every bit as much sympathy.

70. Anger is a waste of time and energy that harms you. Always do your best to choose tranquility and peace instead.

71. When angry count to ten before you speak. If very angry, count to one hundred.

72. Where there is anger, there is always pain underneath.

73. For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.

74. Anger, if not restrained, is frequently more hurtful to us than the injury that provokes it.

75. A life without anger is a life of peace, tolerance, kindness, discipline and inner strength.

76. Anger and intolerance are the enemies of correct understanding.

77. Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.

78. If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.

79. Genuine forgiveness does not deny anger but faces it head-on.

80. We are reminded that anger doesn’t solve anything. It builds nothing, but it can destroy everything.

81. In anger we should refrain both from speech and action.

82. I punched the pillow, harder and harder. Then I missed and punched the wall instead.

83. We can shoot rockets into space but we can’t cure anger or discontent.

84. Angry people are not always wise.

85. Where there is anger, there is always pain underneath.

86. I tried to feel in my own mind the anger the drivers had experienced.

87. Nesta Archeron has always been prickly-proud, swift to anger, and slow to forgive.

88. Some of the littlest children gave a tiny cheered, but quickly went silent as Gosling swung around and glared at them.

89. Or tell me why are you staring at my nose!

90. I am angry nearly every day of my life.

91. The trouble with anger is, it gets hold of you. And then you aren’t the master of yourself anymore. Anger is.

92. “I don’t want to put things away because I’m all puffed up with anger!

93. This cat is all puffed up with anger. Really mad and all puffed up! Feeling sulky and all puffed up.

94. Huff! Puff! So puffed up with anger that he inflated! Before he knew it, he was a hot air balloon!


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