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8 Hacks To Boost Your Computer Speed


Having a computer that is slow is frustrating, isn’t it? It hampers your work and brings down your efficiency which would really not be desired by anyone.

You feel sad when your files take a lot of time to open, windows do not close on a click and the time computer takes to shut down is too long. We can give you a few tricks that will make your computer work like a brand new one. Here we have a list of some that could do wonders for your computer.


Optimize your hard drive

One of the main reasons for the slow speed of your computer is flooded hard drive. If 85% of your hard drive is occupied with data then it adversely affects the speed of the system. Use Disk Cleanup tools to create some room in your hard drive so that your computer works efficiently. If you are one of those who uses computer for unlimited video download, gaming & editing then you need a hefty hard disk with space up to 1 TB (Terabyte).

Disable animations

Animations give a very pleasing look to your computer but when they run on an old PC, they surely slow down the speed of your system. To pace up the computer, turn off the animations. To put off the animations, follow these steps:

Control Center > Ease of Access Center > “make the computer easier to see> tap on turn off unnecessary animations.”

Reinstall Windows to refresh the system

If cleaning of the malware, viruses and junk files seems like a tedious chore, a solution that you can employ instead is reinstalling the windows on your computer, which in result will make your computer perform like new.

Go to Settings > Change PC settings > Update & Security > Recovery > Click on ‘Get started’ (under Refresh your PC without affecting your files) or

To reset your PC follow these steps:

Go to Settings > Change PC settings > Update & Security > Recovery > Get started (under Remove everything and reinstall Windows)

Avoid congesting your web browser

We all make use of one particular browser we find most convenient for all our browsing activities. At times we open multiple websites that catch our attention on different tabs which makes the system really slow. Web browser may allure you with different add-ons which will further eat up the resources of your system. To reduce its impact on your computer, install the add-ons that are most useful and do not open up redundant websites.

Defragment the Hard Drive

To make the access easy for your windows, it is imperative for you to organize the space on your hard disk, else the space will be consumed by existing files or add-ons unnecessarily.
Defragmentation sets your data properly on the hard disk which subsequently improves the functionality of the computer making it more efficient. Go to search field to find the “defrag” app.

Disable startup programs to improve efficiency

There are multiple programs that starts operating the moment system is turned on. So, make it a point to disable the startup programs for the non used programs using various tools like Startup Delayer & Autoruns. MSConfig is a built-in tool in Microsoft windows that helps to disable the programs that are no longer required by simply clicking on the adjacent checkboxes.

To open MSConfig use the shortcut key (Win + R) and uncheck the programs you don’t want to open at startup.

Close redundant programs in task bar

The applications in the upward arrow icon placed in the notification area of the taskbar run in the background as soon as the computer is started. These apps are not visible to the user but they hamper the speed of the system. To close these applications click on the upward arrow in the notification area and right click on the apps you would like to close to free up the space.

Check for virus and malware

Due to virus or malicious software on the system, the computer may not work at the expected speed. To overcome this problem run a scan through your computer using some of the widely used antivirus programs like McAfee, Norton, Avast Pro & Webroot. This will keep all the information on your system protected and will improve the speed and efficiency.


So here we have some tips and hacks for you that will make your computer work like a new one. These are few easy & inexpensive ways to speed up your computer & add to its life span. Implement these hacks in your system and experience smooth working.

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