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A well-groomed dog is a happy dog- & so is the owner


Having a well-groomed dog is important. Silky hair, no knots, no fleas, and no dirt! You can get dog grooming in Orange County from great providers.

Dog grooming, and in particular dog grooming in Orange County, is done in such a way that there is no discomfort to the pet. The dog should enjoy going to the groomers as much as the owner enjoys taking the dog! Both dog and owner should be delighted with the final result.

Dog grooming is a lot more than making a dog look and feel good. Dog grooming is as much about health as it is about looks. A clean dog is a happy dog and a clean dog is a healthy dog. And much in the same way that humans need a little grooming, so do dogs.

What does dog grooming entail?

All dog grooming is different but most dog grooming entails a beautiful shampoo and brush, getting rid of any knots, a trim if it is a long haired dog, or a shave if this is what the owner prefers. Dog grooming includes teeth brushing and nail clipping. Some groomers add a little bow at the end of the grooming but this really depends on what the owner wants. The owner of a poodle may want a pretty bow, the owner of a German Shepherd may not! Dog grooming is about ensuring the dog has clean eyes, that it does not have any muck in its eyes, and that it is generally clean all over.

Grooming a dog’s coat is not just about good looks. It keeps their coat well ventilated and allows for good and healthy growth. It means their skin can breathe easily and no blocked pores happen. A well-groomed dog turns into a good dog without any skin problems, itches or eczemas!

Groom your dog at doggy daycare

Some owners like to be with their pets during dog grooming although, with a good dog groomer, this is really not necessary. There is dog grooming offered at doggy daycare centers, and this is the kind of grooming we recommend. Doggy daycare centers are used to all kinds of dogs, all breeds and all sizes, and offer a holistic service. They offer daycare for dogs, including force-free dog training, doggy grooming, doggy daycare and sleepovers.

When you choose a dog grooming service, choose one who  uses affirmations on your dog and is only kind and gentle. You want your dog to love his grooming days, just like you enjoy yours, so that he willingly goes back. Having a well-groomed dog is part of having a well-trained dog. Use the people who look after your dog, love and nurture your dog, teach your dog good habits and have the best interest of you, and your dog, at hand.

The best dog grooming is found at the doggy day care centers that use affirmative training, never force train, and treat their dog as their own. Use dog grooming Orange County for the best results and for a happy and a beautiful good dog.

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