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100 Best Attitude Quotes For Girls


We have a collection of Attitude Quotes For Girls for Whats app, Instagram & Facebook with images.

  1. Bending rules is my cardio.
  2. The view from the top is mind-blowing.
  3. Not a player, but the dictator of the game.
  4. Cruise ahead, no matter what.
  5. She is brave, hence, free.
  6. Wifi and a dream are all I need to conquer this world.
  7. Life is too short to be boring.
  8. Living my life on my terms.
  9. Karma doesn’t discriminate. Hence, don’t waste your time plotting revenge.
  10. After every dark night, awaits a shining brand new day.
  11. Creating my future, not predicting it.
  12. I make money moves.
  13. Am a girl with a voice, a strong voice.
  14. My attitude is based on how you treat me
  15. Others opinions don’t pay my bills.
  16. Not rude, just plain honest.
  17. Keep your nose out of my life.
  18. I like going the extra mile, as it is less crowded there.
  19. I like walking the path less taken.
  20. Nobody has the right to design my life their way.
  21. Rising above the storm to shine like the sun.
  22. Love my fantasy land; keep your reality out of it.
  23. Being stylish comes from my DNA.
  24. Maker of my own fortune.
  25. Ignoring your enemy is the best revenge.
  26. Sunshine mixed with a little Hurricane.
  27. Failure doesn’t scare me a bit.
  28. No validation required.
  29. Chaos and beauty intertwined. Tornado of roses from the divine.
  30. Not your babe.
  31. Am sugar and spice, and everything nice. Before you mess with me, you better think twice.
  32. The kind of villain people are scared to mess with.
  33. Don’t just see the scars on my body. Try and feel the heat in my blood.
  34. Girls don’t owe anything to anyone.
  35. Their opinions don’t define me.
  36. I’m no beauty queen, but just beautiful me.
  37. Respect should be made common sense
  38. No one is allowed to mess with my vibe.
  39. I like to do what I please.
  40. Girls run the world.
  41. Be revolutionary.
  42. Enjoying the freedom I achieved for myself.
  43. Oh, you are the king! Now, watch the queen rule.
  44. You can never hurt me with a truth, but you can break me with a lie.
  45. Don’t have bad handwriting, just a unique font.
  46. Humble, hungry and hardest worker.
  47. Realize your potential and program it for success.
  48. Attitude is my favorite accessory.
  49. With my desire, am building my empire.
  50. Don’t live for people’s acceptance.
  51. The way you speak to yourself matters the most.
  52. I am forgiving. But not forgetful.
  53. Love yourself more than anyone else can.
  54. Seek no validation.
  55. There’s no tomorrow. Dance and laugh your heart out, today!
  56. My attitude does not have a shelf life.
  57. Command, don’t demand respect.
  58. Working on my masterpiece.
  59. Powerful girls come in all shapes and sizes.
  60. I see no competition outside. My competition lies in the mirror.
  61. I can finance my life, spoil me with loyalty.
  62. I am not rude, I just speak what others don’t have the guts to say.
  63. Life’s a gamble and I will win it with all my strategies.
  64. Not free, expensive since birth.
  65. Born to rule.
  66. Break me again to see what I am made of.
  67. Next stop is the top.
  68. Ordinary girl with extraordinary power.
  69. Having fun in the sun.
  70. Am a style chameleon.
  71. Insecurities are common but don’t hang out with people who point them out to you.
  72. There is no wrong way to be a girl.
  73. Can’t keep up with me, no matter how hard you try.
  74. Life is short, hence making every hair-flip count.
  75. Sky’s the limit when you’ve got that nerve.
  76. Not yours, hence no refunds.
  77. Kind, gentle and highly competitive.
  78. Neither rain nor shine can ever crush my spirit.
  79. Am a brand, not a drugstore product.
  80. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t be exactly who you are.
  81. Embracing my imperfections.
  82. I don’t have the time to change your opinion about me as it just doesn’t matter to me.
  83. Determined to rise and shine.
  84. Haters can’t phase me.
  85. Gutsy to take enough chances and prove my worth.
  86. Not fragile like a flower, am as fragile as a bomb.
  87. Unapologetically being myself.
  88. Got a fire in my soul.
  89. Am a beast working my way up.
  90. Made of both, hellfire and holy water.
  91. I’m cool but summer days make me hot!
  92. Always keep them intrigued.
  93. I am not wrong, said no wise girl ever.
  94. Keepin it real since I stepped on Earth.
  95. You have no permission to destroy my inner peace.
  96. Treat me like a joke and I’ll leave you like its funny.
  97. Determined to rise and shine.
  98. Some people need to go buy a personality.
  99. Not giving the key to my heart, to anyone.
  100. Wake up and makeup!

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