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Top 10 Best Beers To Drink 2021


Wine is fine and liquor may be quicker, but there are moments when only beer would do. However, the beer aisle can be a frightening place these days. The beer run has become an overwhelming errand full of acronymic complexities like ABVs and IBUs, with hundreds of microbreweries and thousands of styles competing for a cooler room. Although we can all accept that great beer is delicious, it can also be pricey, and some sacred occasions such as sports matches and your child’s birthday necessitate quantity and consistency over trying out the latest brew on the market.

As a result of this, beer with a low cost isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In a world where the type of beer you drink says a lot about the man drinking it, macro brews provide a solution that doesn’t need much thought. These beers, brewed by large, well-established companies with huge marketing budgets, are cheap and ubiquitous — almost a dime a dozen — with consistent low cost, alcohol, and flavour. They’re both refreshing to the mouth and the wallet. 

For most of us, the choice of cheap beer is mostly determined by the circumstance we are in rather than our preference, so if all else fails, just drink what’s coldest.

Here’s a list of our top 10 beers-

Pabst Blue Ribbon

Pabst Blue Ribbon proves that the label (or bottle) is often more valuable than the beer itself. It was first produced in the mid-1800s, and until 1916, every bottle was decorated with a real blue ribbon, making it the most visible–and thus popular–beer on the market. PBR was resurrected with a vengeance during the hipster movement of the early 2000s when old stuff became inherently (or ironically) good. From the 1800s to the 2000s, PBR has been the same trustable lager it has always been. 


Narragansett Lager started as a favourite of New England. It was distilled in Providence and prescribed by doctors to Yankees who were feeling under the weather as an “invigorator.” Many sailors still swear by this drink and you can also see the slogan “Hi, Neighbour!” tattooed on the forearms of several New England bartenders. With a variety of specialty brews in their line-ups, such as a coffee stout and summer shandy, Narragansett straddles the line between craft brew and cheap beer but reaches for the can that says LAGER in big letters and you’ll never be disappointed. It goes well with oysters and a windy beach day.

Rolling Rock 

This beer comes with its little conspiracy theory. The great tasting beer in a green bottle is marked with a ‘33’ on the back of the bottle. Millions of beer drinkers have spent years attempting to figure out what the “33” on the back of the bottle means. There are a lot of theories floating about — is it the proper brewing temperature for the beer? Is it the year the Steelers started? Is it a connection to the Freemasons? Get a group of friends together and drink 33 of them, and we’re confident you’ll figure it out. It could take that many to experience something at 4.4 percent alcohol.


Tecate demonstrates that the United States does not have a monopoly on fine, inexpensive beer. Crisp, refreshing, perfect with a lime, and better than Corona, it’s everything you want in a Mexican Lager. With tacos and tequila, all you need is a cooler full of Tecate and you have a perfect afternoon at your hand. Experts know that salting the rim of the can and adding a few dashes of Cholula makes the perfect low-effort Michelada. Your hangover would be grateful. 

National Bohemian

Natural Bohemian sells almost all of its products in Baltimore, so don’t be surprised if this is your first encounter with Mr. Boh, the well-coiffed one-eyed mascot. Given its cult status, “Natty Boh,” as it’s called among the natives, is among the few beers that can claim to be the “official” beer of anywhere, so it was a no-brainer for this list. It pairs well with a pizza and an Orioles game.


While the Germans may raise a couple of questions regarding Budweiser’s self-named title as the King of Beers, Americans are glad to add it to the list of things that are unquestionably best. Many people have forgotten that Budweiser is blended from rice. This is because many years of remarkable Super Bowl promotions and sports affiliations have made Budweiser inseparable from the gold rushes of grain that the commercials show. It is undoubtedly true that if the statue of liberty could drink, she’d drink Bud Heavy. You don’t have a problem with freedom, do you?

Miller High Life

The best beer to accompany a tacky celebration would be the ‘Champagne of Beers’. This golden nectar embodies ironic elegance, making it the ideal beverage for toasting a bad day at the office. This beer is synonymous with bartenders. Order one at any bar and you will be asked about your work as a bartender. We can’t promise you’ll get a free round, but it certainly won’t hurt your odds. 


Mt. Rainier in Washington state, according to an urban legend, was named after this beer after the brewery’s owner bribed a state commission. Although this is untrue, the fact that this urban legend is still doing the rounds shows how loved this beer is in its region. This beer, similar to other beers on this list, was first brewed in the mid-nineteenth century by a German immigrant. The best way to end a hike in the Pacific Northwest is to end it with a summit beer that pays tribute to the highest peak in the region.

Genesee Cream Ale

Being one of the youngest brews on this list, Genesee Cream Ale was first brewed in 1960 in Rochester, New York. It stands out for its truly American traditions. Cream Ale is a top-fermented ale that is conditioned like a lager, resulting in a combination of the two types. This was first invented and perfected in the United States. It results in a delicious taste that incorporates the smoothness of a mild beer and the crispness of an ale.  


Hamm’s began in Minnesota and became one of their most famous brews. With a series of post-Prohibition acquisitions and some brilliant marketing, the business expanded from a small local lager-maker to become the fifth-largest brewing power in the United States. Their advertising campaign centred on a popular theme of American beers: the Midwest’s natural beauty.

We hope you try all the above-mentioned beers and figure out your personal favourite!

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