10 Best Local Breweries in San Diego

Best Local Breweries

The world changes, the tides turn, and new breweries go back and forth in the city with the best beer preparing scene in the country: San Diego, the one and only. That America’s Finest City adores its specialty lager isn’t by and large information – San Diego’s played home to more than 150 operational breweries for some time now – yet as the town has developed, so too have the sorts of breweries flying in and out of town and the tap records they offer. It’s the unfolding of another period in San Diego lager, one set apart by youngster activities and relative up-and-comers fermenting probably the best (and generally nervy) lagers in the country. It’s additionally checked, sadly, by the death of a portion of the city’s customary preparing stalwarts (spill some out for Escondido Brewing Company). 

Living in the hour of COVID-19, however, now and then every one of those choices can feel more distressing. Some of the time, you’re simply dropping by San Diego for a long end of the week and need to know the creme de la creme. At times, you would prefer not to swim through the not-so-exceptional bottling works to discover the royal gems – and, per regular, that is the thing that we’re here for. We (magnanimously) drank bunches of neighborhood lagers and aggregated a manual for the best breweries around, from the notable to the secret diamonds, from the longstanding to the exceptional, to help you plan out your next 16 ounces. 

San Diego County Breweries

1. Puesto Cervecería

Puesto Cervecería
Image by Eater.com

Puesto Cervecería is the biggest in Puesto’s assortment of eateries and highlights its first art brewery, zeroing in on Mexican ales. Led by long-lasting San Diego brewer Doug Hasker, who drove Gordon Biersch’s program for over 20 years, the brewery works in Mexican-style ales that will ultimately be appropriated to Puesto’s six different California areas. Mission Valley is at present open for indoor and deck feasting each day for supper (5 pm on) and lunch Friday through Sunday, get, growlers to-go, and conveyance through Postmates. 

Lagers to attempt: Puesto Mexican Lager, Puesto Mexican Amber, Puesto Mexican Negra Lager 

2. Border X Brewing 

Border X Brewing 
Image by Sandiegomagazine.com

San Diego’s first Latino-claimed and worked distillery, Border X is a family undertaking, established by siblings David and Marcelino Favela and Marcelino’s two children, Marcel and Martin. Rather than attempting to mimic European lagers, they drew motivation from conventional Latin flavors, first concocting a lead Blood Saison, ruby red excellence rich with tart hibiscus blossoms. The bottling works before long extended to Horchata Golden Stout, Abuelita’s Chocolate Stout, and about six others, procuring it a 2020 James Beard Semi-finalist assignment en route. The brewery is open for indoor and porch feasting, to-go, and conveyance. 

Lagers to attempt: Blood Saison, Horchata Golden Stout, Abuelita’s Chocolate Stout 

3. Mujeres Brew House 

Mujeres Brew House
Image by Sandiegomagazine.com

It will not be opening until October, yet the profoundly expected Mujeres Brew House, San Diego’s first Latina claimed and worked pub/brewery will make a big appearance in the space some time ago involved by Alta Brewing. An association between Border X Brewing and Mujeres Brew Club, its central goal is to be an inviting spot for ladies (and anybody!) to find out about, comprehend, and like specialty lager. Headed up via Carmen Favela of Border X and Estela Davila of Mujeres Brew Club, the distillery will include a behind-the-bar work experience program and a fermenting program. The brewhouse will at first serve Border X lager and joint efforts among MBC and other nearby bottling works, adding its brew as it opens up. 

Brews to attempt: The tap list is hush-hush until the first day of the season, so stay tuned! 

4. Kairoa Brewing Company 

Kairoa Brewing Company
Image by Tripadvisor.in

Kairoa is another delightful tribute to an unfamiliar nation, intended to summon the rich landscape, special food, cordial mien, and supernatural bounces local to New Zealand – where the proprietors and head brewer all hail from. Improved to fuse viewpoints from the New Zealand open country and drifts just as Maori craftsmanship into a smooth, current design style, Kairoa works in blending everything from English style lagers to the pale beers San Diegans love, permeated with the difficult-to-get New Zealand jump assortments head brewer Joe Peach has direct admittance to. Reserve a spot to make the most of their beautiful roof bar for securely far-off drinking or request crawlers online for pickup. 

Brews to attempt: Tweaky Buggah espresso blonde, Sunny Nelson West Coast IPA 

5. Battlemage Brewing Company 

Battlemage Brewing Company
Image by Brewcruizer.com

Battlemage takes its name from Dungeons and Dragons, the universal RPG pre-packaged game that prime supporters Ryan Sather and Chris Barry have appreciated playing throughout the previous 20 years. It’s one thing to have a brewery, yet to truly stand apart you need to brew incredible lager, and Battlemage unquestionably follows through on the last front. Like any great wizard, the brewery knows the benefit of exploring different avenues regarding mixtures. Brewers are continually able to, say, add cocoa nibs to a hefeweizen, yet it just so happens, a portion of its best brews are the ones that cling to customs, similar to its Shroud of Mist. The distillery is at present just open for pickup or conveyance orders. 

Lagers to attempt: Shroud of Mist Hazy IPA, Hooded Assassin Old Ale, Verses of Victory Brown Ale 

6. Viewpoint Brewery

Viewpoint Brewery

This brewery has an incredible view/climate, neglecting the San Dieguito Lagoon, truth be told, there may be no brewery with a superior view in San Diego, and its outside deck is in every case energetic. Also, there’s some genuinely scrumptious food on the menu (like smoky brisket and a remarkable burger) just as a continually pivoting tap list that reveals head brewer Moe Katomski’s test side. The bottling works are open for indoor feasting, just as pickup and conveyance. 

Lagers to attempt: Pandamnit IPL, Moe’saic Pale Ale 

7. Resident Brewing 

Resident Brewing

The way Resident Brewing opening its entryways was classic. Head brewer and fellow benefactor Robert Masterson set up himself as an expert homebrewer in the neighborhood circuit, as a side gig from his regular occupation as an IT advisor. He won challenges facilitated by Pizza Port, Karl Strauss, and Stone – the last of which brought about the blending goliath delivering his Coconut IPA to the majority. In the end, he chose to make his enthusiasm his work, and today, Resident slings a magnificent Americanized rendition of English lagers and still blends its signature, faultless coconut IPA, in an inviting climate inside The Local midtown. The spot is presently just open for pickup and conveyance of jugs, jars inside San Diego. Orders more than $50 are conveyed free inside San Diego. 

Lagers to attempt: Golden Kiss Belgian Ale, Industrial Gris Belgian Saison, Vacation Coconut IPA 

8. Longship Brewery 

Longship Brewery
Image by Tripadvisor.com

Longship Brewery is styled as an accolade for proprietor Dan Jachimowicz’s fixation on Viking heroes, and like the Norse champions who attacked and vanquished unfamiliar societies, Longship’s brews mix different impacts from American-style combination lagers to customary German lagers. Pickup and conveyance are accessible Thursday through Sunday and the tasting room is open Friday through Sunday. 

Brews to attempt: Ragnabock Doppelbock, Rolling Fog Hazy DIPA 

9. Burgeon Beer Company 

Burgeon Beer Company
Image By Sandiegoreader.com

Blossom is assisting with spearheading Carlsbad’s arising blending scene, and there’s not a day that passes by when it will not be loaded up with experts chilling in the tasting room embellished with lavish verdure. This year, the brewery will have the 2020 Capital of Craft IPA joint effort lager with the San Diego Brewers Guild for SD Beer Week. The tavern is open seven days every week, and you can buy brew for pickup, conveyance, or delivery inside California. Look at its blended cases and recyclable barrel. 

Lagers to attempt: Treevana West Coast IPA, Juice Press Hazy IPA, Keep it Simcoe West Coast IPA 

10. North Park Beer Co. 

North Park Beer Co
Image By Hauckarchitecture.com

Homebrewing expert Kelsey McNair’s pet undertaking was brought into the world in 2016 following a three-year stand by, however, that expectation ends up being awesome. Found right in the core of North Park, the 9,000-square-foot tasting room is tremendous and luxuriously embellished, offering the ideal region for anybody hoping to get 16 ounces before an evening to remember. McNair’s famous Hop Fu! IPA is the absolute most Honor-winning homemade libation ever and is consistently a sure thing at the brewery. Head there for day-by-day open-air seating, just as pickup, conveyance, or transportation inside California. 

Brews to attempt: Hop-Fu! IPA, Covington American Pilsner, Party Cup Mosaic Lager 

11. Pure Project 

Pure Project
Image By Thecoastnews.com

Unadulterated Project’s whole oeuvre is special. It was begun to some degree by a Californian couple who got back to the Golden State after going through years in the Costa Rican wilderness and wanted to instill the soul of the country into a distillery. Accordingly, a large number of the lagers highlight botanical and tropical notes like hibiscus you probably won’t anticipate. However, that doesn’t mean Pure Project’s prosperity depends on contrivances: before completing its first year of tasks, Pure Project had gotten back a bronze award from the Great American Beer Festival for its Roses Red lager. Feast in and to-go hours shift by area, and lager can be delivered inside California and Nevada. Check the site for new deliveries and uncommon occasions. 

Brews to attempt: Murklands Murky Pale Ale, Madeline Barrel-Aged Farmhouse Saison, Fingers of Gold Murky IPA 

12. Bay City Brewing Co. 

Bay City Brewing Co
Image By Hauckarchitecture.com

Bay City has scored various honors for its lagers and built up a committed after for their astounding cluster of delicious, tropical IPAs. The East Village tasting room is briefly shut, however, the Midway area is open Thursday and Friday for pickup. 

Lagers to attempt: 72 and Hoppy Session IPA, Gucci Gang Hazy DIPA, Murky Machado Hazy IPA 

13. Modern Times Beer 

Modern Times Beer
Image By Boulevard.com

Modern-day Times has turned the fermenting scene potential gain since its commencement. In a couple of brief years, San Diego’s quickest developing brewery has effectively wooed its customer with top notch state-of-the art beer.

Beers to try: Elara Hazy IPA, Sky Party Hazy DIPA, Blazing World Amber Ale


Next time you’re in San Diego, you better go grab a pint with your pals or even alone. Nothing lifts the spirits like some freshly brewed beer from the best breweries in the region.


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