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10 Popular Mobile Texting Apps you need to know about


Text messaging has been a driving force in the world of communication since its inception. The first text message was possibly sent about two decades ago, and since then, public awareness and ease of use of this communication method have only increased. Today, almost three-quarters of the world’s population has access to a cell phone, and trillions of text messages are sent every day.

Texting is the most commonly used mode of communication in the world, and it is particularly common among younger generations. The world is becoming increasingly smaller as connectivity and knowledge transfer become more rapid. As a result of people’s fascination with social media and texting, the face of contact is shifting.

Here are some top mobile texting apps you need to know

Since texting is such a commonly used mode of communication today, particularly among the younger generation, mobile app development companies are constantly striving to create newer, better apps for texting. The main goal is to draw more users to their site, so there is a lot of competition in this room. We’ve assembled a list of some of the best mobile messaging applications available.


This is an instant messaging mobile app that allows you to send messages and IMs from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Line enables users to connect using photos, videos, and text, as well as free video conferencing over the internet. The Line app is available on a variety of platforms and is one of Japan’s most popular social messaging applications.

Kik Messenger

Kik is an instant messaging software app developed by a Canadian company that is available on a variety of platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, and others. It sends messages in the form of photographs, videos, websites, sketches, and other media through the mobile’s internet connection. Kik allows users to register anonymously, without having to include their phone number, protecting their privacy. Kik is a popular messaging app.


Viber is a voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) app that also functions like an instant messaging app, developed by Viber Media. It allows users to send messages in a variety of formats, including text, photographs, and videos. This software is available on all mobile devices, but it must first be downloaded on a phone before it can be used on a computer. Viber rose to fame as a result of its lightning-fast response time.


This is a multi-platform instant messaging app developed by a Chinese company. In terms of daily active users, this is one of the most common mobile messaging applications. Users can send messages using email, images, videos, hold-to-talk, video games, and video conferencing, among other methods.


WhatsApp is an online texting app that is available on various platforms and was recently acquired by Facebook Inc. It enables users to send an email, images, videos, push-to-record audio, file transfers, and phone calls. This app currently has about 1 billion users and is the most popular messaging app on the planet. The app’s creators support it by releasing daily updates that enable users to improve it.


Another messaging app that allows you to send messages over the internet from your smartphone is TextMe. Users can submit messages, photographs, videos, and locations via the app. You can access your contacts and text them using this simple app after registering with your e-mail address or Facebook account.

Facebook Messenger

For no additional charge, Facebook offers an online texting app to all of its users. Facebook currently has over a billion users and offers this software on a variety of devices, including Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, and others. Since it has standard SMS features, this software can also be used to send messages to friends who aren’t on Facebook.

Google Voice

This is a Google-created instant messaging app that allows you to talk with and text your contacts. Users with a Google Voice account will respond to text messages on their computers as well. This software can also be used to make free internet phone calls. Once successful, Google is gradually moving Voice’s capabilities to Hangouts, its social app that includes the majority of user-requested features and is available on multiple platforms.


This is a very user-friendly instant messaging app with a very cool user interface. Since the entire navigation is based on images, accessing call, text, photo, and voicemail is as simple as clicking on the contact’s photo. Profile photos are taken directly from the user’s Facebook account, and each account is assigned a unique number.


This messaging app provides users with free and unrestricted text messaging regardless of the phone they are using. This app is best known for its group messaging or community messaging functionality. This allows the user to interact with others in a chat room-like environment.

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