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5 Best Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Cleaner in 2022


Our kitchen is a substantial place where we prepare our meals and store our food, and in this process, the kitchen cabinets get sticky due to grease and harbor nasty germs. If the grease is not coming off and you want to restore that shiny look of your kitchen cabinets, then you have landed up in the right article. Although it is hard to remove that super sticky grease, we have compiled the best 5 products that can do the job for you.

Types of Kitchen Cleaning Products

The wooden kitchen cabinet cleaner is said to be the best when it can wipe off oil, grime, grease, and dust effectively. For home and commercial cleaning, four kinds of cleaning agents are used. The suitability of the agent depends on the item to be cleaned, and the level of grease and dirt.


  • Detergents are based on petroleum and are a widely used product. They break up the thick layer of dirt that could easily wipe away with a wet cloth.Detergents are based on petroleum and are a widely used product. They break up the thick layer of dirt that could easily wipe away with a wet cloth. Detergents are available in various forms like paste, powder, gel, or liquid, etc.


  • It is widely used to remove grease or oil from the surfaces like cabinets, counters, ovens, etc.


  • Acid is considered an effective cleaner. But if not used properly it can cause more harm than good. It is best for descaling kitchen equipment.


  • Although abrasives are used to clean the pots and pans, it is also used for heavily soiled kitchen cabinets. But it should be used with caution, because it may scratch the surface.

Products to avoid for cleaning cabinets

  • The beautiful kitchen cabinet is an enhancement to your house; you must be not in favor of using anything that can have a damaging effect on wood. Avoid the following products:
  • Avoid bleach as it can damage the finish.
  • Strong detergents and petroleum-based products
  • Solvents and Ammonia-based cleaners.
  • Nail-polish removers or thinners should never be used
  • Plastics brushes or steel wool can scratch the surface

5 Best Products that Clean the Wooden Kitchen Cabinets:

Let’s check the best wooden kitchen cabinets:

1. Better Life Natural Wood Polish

This product is based on a plant-derived formula with a lavender and cinnamon scent. It effectively removes fingerprints, dirt, dust, and other marks. The oil in it gives the protective coating and also polishes the wooden surface.


  • Clean, protect, and polishes the wooden surface
  • Safe to use
  • Lavender and cinnamon scent
  • Gives a shine


  • The oily finish is not suitable for tables or other surfaces.
  • It may left a streaky finish

2. Ecos Furniture Polish and Cleaner

It effectively cleans the wooden surface leaving a natural shine. This product comes in a handy spray bottle. Spray it a few times and wipe with a soft clean cloth immediately.


  • It is composed of 100 % natural and biodegradable ingredients.
  • Manufactured in carbon-neutral factories
  • Leaves a shiny polish
  • Never tried on animals


  • Bottles are vulnerable to leak
  • It can leave a dull finish if not wiped immediately

3. Murphy Oil Soft Wood Cleaner Wipes

The ingredients are 98% natural. They are safe and eco-friendly as compared to other available wipes.It could be used for both clean and wooden dust surfaces.


  • Safe on wooden surface
  • 98% natural ingredients
  • can be used by hand or at the end of Swiffer mop


  • Dries quickly as it does not have enough moisture for a large area
  • Rips easily when used on Swiffer mops
  • High price per wipe

4. Old English Furniture Polish Spray

It cleans the dirty surface and provides a pleasing polish, scratch cover, and preserves the natural beauty. The protective layer leaves the furniture dust-free and is suitable for all types of wood.


  • Easy to use handy aerosol bottle
  • For the protection of wood, it includes a Scratch Cover layer
  • Accessible in lemon and almond scent
  • Removes dust without leaving waxy finish


  • Prepared with synthetic ingredients like C13-14 Isoparaffin, and more
  • Some found that it gives a dull finish

5. GP66 Green original Miracle Cleaner

It is a biodegradable cleaner with a water-based formula. It can be diluted into 64 bottles with remarkable cleaning by removing the grease or even the deep stains.


  • Removes any grease or grime
  • Penetrates deep surface
  • Leaves behind a protective layer
  • Safe and powerful formula


If not diluted before use, it can damage the surface


With the help of products mentioned in the article, your job is made easy as you don’t have to spend hours cleaning those tough greasy wooden kitchen cabinets. Now you can accomplish your task in just a few minutes.

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