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13 Best Criminal Minds Episodes to Binge-Watch


Regarded as an epic mindbender, Criminal Minds is an uber cool show known for its storyline, characters, and an incredible cast.

Listice breaks down the top 13 Criminal Minds episodes to watch:


Season: 4 * Episode: 8 * IMDb: 8.4/10

An egotistic serial killer confesses to killing seven individuals. The manslayer conjointly claims to kill 5 a lot of individuals and challenges the BAU to trace him before he kills them. This episode features being Jason Alexander as the serial killer, Henry Grace, who’s acting had us all hooked. His performance as the villain was convincing and rattling.


* Season: 5 * Episode: 9 * IMDb: 8.6/10

This episode featured the ultimate encounter between Hotch and also the Reaper. The Reaper (portrayed by C. Thomas Howell) was one among the foremost dangerous and unloved villains in Criminal Minds. During this episode, the BAU comes along to assist and shield Hotch and his family once The Reaper comes back to the city. The Reaper had brutally killed Hotch’s ex-wife Haley and twenty people. Hotch took on the case however couldn’t notice any leads. The Reaper then stopped killing for eleven years and resurfaces later.

The Fisher King

 Season: 1 * Episode: 22 * IMDb: 8.1/10

This case takes place over 2 episodes. It features a person named Randall Garner losing his family in a fatal fire. He became severely disfigured due to the incident and was institutionalized because of his mental state. He’s later discharged however he decides to focus on the members of the BAU and torment them. Despite the episode’s surprising anti-climax, it’s thrilling and fascinating.


* Season: 2 * Episode: 15 * IMDb: 9/10

A charated that fascinates the viewers is Spencer Thomas Reid. Thomas Reid is an intelligent man who struggles with his problem in life. His mother suffers from psychosis and is institutionalized. In Revelations, Thomas Reid is captured by a manslayer named Tobias Hankel who is ailing with dissociative disorder. The BAU team tries to find Thomas Reid when a video of Hankel abusing Reid goes viral. Thomas gets traumatic flashbacks of his childhood due to being drugged by the captor as well.

True Genius

* Season: 7 * Episode: 11 * IMDb: 8.6/10

This episode seems to be an ode to real-life Zodiac killers who left cryptic messages at the scenes wherever he/she committed murders and was never caught. This episode follows a young kid named Caleb, a prodigy who seemed strangely impressed by the Zodiac killer. Spencer Thomas Reid tries to unravel this case and tries to build his own confidence as he feels that he hasn’t lived up to his own expectations.


 Season: 4 * Episode: 24 * IMDb: 8.6/10

This episode follows a terrorist manslayer named Chad Brown who hones a motive. He needed to point out how terrorist attacks can threaten the safety of countries. He carries out an anthrax attack that infects Spencer Thomas Reid. Thomas Reid solves the case from quarantine before he runs out of your time. However, in the end, he manages to get the vaccine.


 * Season: 8 * Episode: 12 * IMDb: 8.7/10

A chilling episode that tests Thomas Reid gruelly. This episode showcases a stalker named Diane (portrayed by Michelle Trachtenberg) who kidnaps Reid’s girlfriend, Maeve. The BAU races engage in a search and rescue mission to find Reid’s girlfriend.

Date Night

* Season: 15 * Episode: 6 * IMDb: 8.7/10

Aubrey Plaza reprises her role as hitwoman Cat Adams United Nations agency was brought down by Thomas Reid. During this episode, she desires a final meeting with Thomas Reid as a date before her execution. To induce Thomas Reid to visualize her, she has Reid’s girlfriend’s sister and father abducted.


* Season: 11 * Episode: 22 * IMDb: 9.2/10

This is the episode wherever Thomas Reid tries to outsmart assassin Cat Adams and produce her down. During this episode, the BAU implements AN convoluted strategy to undertake and take down a gunman ring (which Adams maybe a half of). Thomas Reid is surreptitious wherever he’s purported to air a blind date however truly, is meeting up with Adams to catch her. This episode is sensible and terrific because it options 2 characters with nice intellect simply battling it out.

Mr. Scratch

* Season: 10 * Episode: 21 * IMDb: 8.8/10

This episode goes deeper into the scientific discipline and mental attitude of serial killers and is additionally the beginning of a significant story arc. During this episode, Mr. Scratch escapes and alongside him, more serial killers escape. Mr. Scratch later goes on to focus on members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation within the later seasons.

The Replicator

* Season: 8 * Episode: 24 * IMDb: 8.2/10

This episode featured the proficient and impeccable Mark Hamill representational process John phytologist aka the Replicator. John phytologist may be a distinctive villain as he’s a former government man turned manslayer with nice intellect and high IQ. Phytologist is here for revenge as he was left alone to require the blame on a previous case. He starts replicating crimes from antecedently resolved cases of the BAU. This episode encompasses a bittersweet however nice climax and over the season utterly.


* Season: 9 * Episode: 24 * IMDb: 7.9/10

A well-woven episode where the BAU engages in a murder investigation within the state of Texas. Corruption and crime overpower the episode and keeps us at the edge of our seats. Meanwhile, Garcia is forced to require action to assist a colleague and unknowingly puts herself in hassle.

Extreme Aggressor

* Season: 1 * Episode: 1 * IMDb: 7.9/10

The first and most iconic episode of Criminal Minds is one among the most effective and easily unbeatable visuals. In Seattle, a lady goes missing, and later her dead body is found in mysterious conditions. However, her death later gets connected with 3 unresolved murders. The BAU spring into action and race to search out the killer before another murder is committed.

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