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90+ Best Funny Good Morning Messages For Crush


Remind your crush about yourself every morning by sending them a sweet and funny good morning message. We have a collection of funny good morning messages for crush with images for WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Funny Good Morning Messages

1. It’s time to rise from a good night’s sweet dream and start the day with a big smile on your face. Good morning, honey bunny.

2. Good morning. I hope you had a comfortable rest. It’s time to rise and shine! Go ahead and make your day as cheerful as you.

3. Every day, I wake up with the zeal to see you. I guess that is what keeps me going. Good morning, sugar.

4. Good morning, my new friend. Has anyone told you how beautiful you are yet? If not, let me tell you. You are the most beautiful person that I have ever come across in my life.

5. Good morning. I dream of you last night. We were at the beach, watching the sunset together. I hope it soon turns into a reality.

6. Good morning, princess. I hope your day is as cheerful as your smile. Don’t forget to smile because it brightens my day.

7. It doesn’t bother me how pleasant the weather is early in the morning. All I care to see as soon as I wake up is your smile. Watching you smile makes my day perfect. Good morning.

8. This fresh morning, I feel that today will be a lucky day because I will see you. I believe that you are my lucky charm.

9. Good morning to the most beautiful person I know. I hope you spend your day surrounding yourself with positivity and happiness. Have a good day.

10. Good morning to the bundle of joy. The universe must be just as glad as we both become good friends. You are such a precious person.

11. Even when I am in a bad mood, your smile makes everything alright. You bring so much charm to my life. I am glad that I found you. I see my soulmate in you. Good morning.

12. Good morning to a girl that has one thousand things that I admire! Yes, good morning to you, my dear.

13. Come to think of it: why do you think I’ve been sending you regular texts in the morning? Mystery of the day. Good morning, beauty.

14. I had many dreams last night. But having you by my side is the best dream I can ever have. Good morning.

15. Mornings aren’t just built for waking up. It’s the beginning of yet another day for our love to blossom under the beautiful sunshine. Let’s catch up today?

16. If the sun never existed, I’d still be fine. I have you to light up my day. Good morning, sunshine.

17. People say you deserve the best, I agree. But, did they tell you that the best includes receiving text messages from me? Good morning!

18. You look great in Pajamas this early morning! Good morning.

19. With the way I have been missing you recently, I am sure there’s a possibility that we were married in our previous lives. Good morning, girl. See you soon.

20. What should I do to make you realize that you’re exceptional? Should I catch a grenade or jump off a moving train? Good morning to you, my friend.

21. Can you hear the little bird singing through your window? Listen to it carefully. They have a message from me. I like you and have a blissful day.

22. It’s time to wake up, sleeping beauty. The world needs your warmth, and I need your touch. Good morning my angel.

23. The sun doesn’t rise in the east. Instead, it rises in my friend’s house. Good morning, sunshine.

24. Good morning, my sunshine. My night was filled with your sweet dreams, and I know that our day would be sweeter.

25. How beautiful would it be to kiss you now? Good morning, my darling, I miss you.

26. It is going to be lovely already because I kept dreaming of you, and I would replay the beauty of that dream in your life today. Good morning, my moon.

27. Will you believe me if I told you that you’re more amazing than Superman? Please, don’t. You’re just human. But a beautiful one, though. Good morning to you.

28. Today’s a work filled day for me and I’m wishing it’s the same for you. Don’t ask me why. Good morning to you, sweet girl.

29. May this morning be as beautiful as you, thinking of ways to make you mine for life, have a grand day full of sweet moments and beautiful memories.

30. I may not know where my road goes, but I would walk better when my hand holds yours. Have an awesome day dear!

31. My alarm has just sounded to alert me that the prettiest woman in the world has also just risen! Good morning my darling!

32. I know it’s hard to get out of bed when you never really slept, but everyone needs me at work. I’ll try my best for them! Good Morning!

33. Everyone expects me to be a morning person. Well, I could try it out… only if mornings started in the afternoon.

34. You should sleep again because you missed me. You’re such a sleepyhead! Good morning, baby cakes.

35. My intentions for you are right; I just want you to give me a chance to show you how to be truly loved. Have a fantastic day ahead.

36. I wanted you to get my message to bed, so I woke up quite early to send you this message filled with love enough to last you through the day.

37. I could not sleep all night; I kept awake thinking of how peaceful and beautiful you would look in your sleep, I hope your day will be as bright as the morning.

38. Just as the sun lights up the day, you light up my life, and I look forward to the day when I wake up next to you. I had a dream last night that we finally dated. Good morning my baby girl.

39. I can’t wait to wake up next to you every morning. You are my whole world and I will never be the same without you! Good day, sleep tight.

40. Good morning my girl crush, I have not been in love like this since I was born, it feels like the compatibility of a magnet and metal.

Funny Good Morning Wishes

41. You are special to everyone who knows you, you are loved and appreciated and I just wanted to remind you this. Good morning!

42. Thoughts of you kept me awake through the night; I will stop at nothing to have you. You are all I want this morning and decades after.

43. Good morning to my lady-crush, I do not know if you dream of me but I think of you a lot this day and I think God is trying to tell me that you are mine.

44. You are definitely a fallen angel my dear and I am thankful that you fell right before my eyes. Have a wonderful morning and may the day be extra special for you.

45. I hope you had enough rest sleeping beauty, because the day is young and there is a lot to achieve today, let us make that walk together.

46. I thought of you going to bed, and when I woke up this morning, I cannot seem to perform well without your thought in my head, baby, please be mine.

47. HOT, HOT, HOT!!  That’s you this morning, handsome!

48. Good morning babe! I’ll give you 3 chances to guess what I dream about you last night…hint it was beyond wild…;)

49. Morning sunshine! What do you say we avoid all of our responsibilities today and spend the whole day in bed? Pretty please with bacon on top! 

50. Good Morning! Hope your day is every bit as amazing as I promise you tonight will be.

51. Morning! Today’s going to be a good day, the only thing that would make it better is YOU… and of course donuts

52. Morning sweetheart! I hope you have a brew-tiful morning, my love!

53. Morning honey! I hope your day is as amazing as your butt! 

54. Good morning! I love you more than I love to hit the snooze button! Have a great day!

55. Morning babe! If you were here with me I’d totally get up early to make you breakfast in bed. Well…ok…as long as it was a bowl of cereal!  

56. You’re the cheese to my macaroni. Good morning and have a great day!

57. Good Morning XOXO!  

58. Good morning, sweetheart! Now, can we go back to sleep?

59. Morning! Lol, tell me why this just made me think of you? [Then send him a, funny quote, meme, joke, etc.]

60. Good morning! Let me know if you need some help getting into trouble later…

61. Do you know how much do penguins weigh? Enough to break the ice. Hello and good morning! 

62. Serious question: What hot sauce is best on a breakfast sandwich? And there is a right answer.

63. Good morning! So tired today! Do you think my boss will notice if I stay home and work from bed?

64. Hey, hot stuff! Oops sorry, I meant [insert crush’s name]. Auto correct can be so annoying, right?

65. Ooh, hello and what’s this? A good morning text… I guess things are getting pretty serious, huh? 

66. Morning! I just got out of the shower, but I can’t seem to reach this spot on my back. You should come over and help…:)

67. Good morning babe! Aside from pizza, I crave you most.

68. Morning honey! All I’m going to want at the end of this day is a tall glass of you! Can’t wait to see you later for date night! XO 

69. Morning! What are you thinking about right now and why is it me?

70. Rise and shine my favourite human. Hope you slept well!

71. Good morning, love. I’d love to stay in bed with you all day but my coffee needs me. I hope you understand 

72. Good morning, did you know that you’re my most favourite thing in the whole world? Well…ok..besides bacon. I can’t resist bacon! Love you Babe! 

73. I just woke up and you’re already on my mind…And I think I like it!

74. Good morning babe! If kissing is the language of love then we have a lot to talk about tonight!

75. Listen, you have to stop making me think about you all night, ok? I’m busy. Just kidding…please love me…lol!!

76. Good morning sleepyhead! I am not a photographer, but I can still picture you and me together…in my bed…

77. If I was a cat, I would totally curl up with you all day. You are just puuuuurfect. Can’t wait to be back in your arms again soon!

78. Yes, it’s true…for the last 24 hours, 1,444 minutes, 86,422 seconds I’ve missed you..

79. Did you know that your body is over 67% water? And…guess what? I am VERY thirsty at the moment…

80. Good morning hot stuff! But just so you know I’m only flattering you to get your sexy ass into bed… 

81. Babe this morning I need you more than I need coffee… and you know that’s saying something!

82. Last night I watched a Netflix marathon, but you’re still hotter than the bottom of my laptop baby…

83. You know how much I like having the bed all to myself? Well, I think I like you more than that.

84. Real talk babe: There should never be a morning where I don’t wake up in those big strong arms of yours! Miss you and love you! Have a great day! 

85. I wish I was there to see your cute face and bedhead when you wake up! Seeing as I can’t, here’s my cute face for you to wake up to! (Send with a pic of you looking cute but making a funny face.)

86. Hey Handsome, good morning and here’s to hoping your day is as amazing as tonight’s gonna be. Can’t wait to see you later! XO 

87. Love is blind. Especially in the morning, because I can’t see a damn thing before having coffee

88. The best part of waking up is still a mystery to me.

89. Of course I have to get up in the morning, my coffee needs me.

90. I don’t wish people good morning. I just say, morning, then it’s up to them. I’m not taking responsibility for that shit.

91. I saw you once, you struck me and it was a while before I saw you again. Are you a hit-and-run driver?

92. You’re sure you’re not the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen? I think I disagree with you. Good morning to this baby girl.

93. Being surrounded by such wonderful friends is what makes waking up this special. Good morning to you all.

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