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Top 10 Happiest Jobs in America


Ever wonder what your dream job might be? What occupation would strike the perfect balance of fulfillment and productivity in your life? All these questions can be answered with a little research.

Listice brings you a complete list of the top 10 happiest jobs in the USA:

Teaching Assistant  

Probably considered the foremost unselfish job that proves to be fulfilling and effective could be an easy teaching assistant. whereas the financial gain may not be high, the chance to show kids and guarantee a well-read future generation is worthwhile.

Once again, this demonstrates that money isn’t the only real determinant of life satisfaction. 

General Skills

Teaching assistants work below the direction of lecturers to produce one-on-one or community steerage to students. an educator doesn’t need to disrupt the flow of the lesson by trying to try too many things right away once there’s a teaching assistant within the space.

Teaching assistants square measure accountable for a wide variety of responsibilities, as well as implementing faculty rules and teaching correct behavior, preparing the curriculum, and superintendence the pupils. whereas lecturers generally introduce any new material to students, teaching assistants supplement the teachings and facilitate students perceive the fabric by responsive queries.

Teachers will get input on their students’ progress from teaching assistants. lecturers conjointly meet with their assistants to review lesson plans and student progress.

Some teaching assistants are only assigned to certain areas of the varsity. Others can work in the laptop work, assisting students in learning the way to use software and machines, while others may supervise recess.

Teaching assistants can also be specially qualified to figure with education children, assisting them in understanding new content by presenting it in a manner that fits their learning designs. Teaching assistants could be ready to assist young adults with disabilities in learning the skills they’re going to have to be compelled to notice work once graduation.

Average salary: $28,641 (Glassdoor).

Education criteria: While some teaching assistants only need a high school diploma and training once they’re on the duty, having a school degree or completed work in kid development may open the door to additional job opportunities.

QA Analyst

It may surprise some those who a QA analyst is second on the list of happiest jobs in America.

General Skills

Quality assurance analysts take a look at products and systems to create certain that they meet companies’ standards. This includes creating test plans, cases, and scripts to ensure accuracy. The goal of a QA analyst is to create sure that a product or system is reliable, functional, and user-friendly. Many QA analysts work at software companies or collaborate with IT departments, doing system testing to guarantee it is high quality and meets system necessities.

Average salary: $60,997 (Glassdoor).

Education criteria: Bachelor of technology or information technology (or any course associated with those).

Look for job vacancies and apply to open QA analyst positions. Note that some employers require certain certifications, while others might not.

NET Developer

A .net develop looks associate degree obvious alternative for one of the happiest jobs in America. It pays well. It allows you a degree of independence. the duty typically permits you to telecommute. You get to specify a degree of power and fun problem-solving. If you have got the abilities to be a .net developer, this can be a good choice for a career.

General Skills

A .NET developer writes code to build internet pages and access databases and business servers. They collect package necessities and write, modify, and correct package supported those necessities for websites. A .NET developer designs and creates activities and procedures to keep up package applications with the .NET framework. They take a look at and document this package for websites, operating aboard designers and content producers.

Average salary: $95,052 (Glassdoor).

Education criteria: Educational requirements may vary, but these professionals should hold a bachelor of technology, IT, or a related field. Because .NET developers are currently in high demand, some employers could overlook typical academic necessities if an employment candidate has intensive expertise. the foremost common demand is to a minimum of hold associate degree associate in internet style or a connected field.

Selling Specialist

General Skills

A selling specialist helps a corporation increase consumers’ awareness for his or her product or services by managing promotions, coming up with advertisements, and building new ways to draw in and retain customers. selling specialists concentrate on shopper motivations once it involves pocket money or taking some reasonable action.

While “marketing specialist” could be a broad term that would involve many various tasks, one issue that selling specialists have in common is there have to be compelled to analyze market information to know their customers and establish gaps that make potentialities that would be profitable.

There square measure a spread of jobs that a selling specialist will do, from leading groups and making campaigns to learning shopper getting power. The work is driven by the precise business and company being worked in. for instance, a selling specialist operating for a packaging company could concentrate on researching the unmet desires of laptop users, whereas a selling specialist operating for a neighborhood area or building may be primarily involved with ad placement in local media and spreading the word concerning promotions or specials. It extremely depends on the corporate setting, past expertise or coaching, and one’s interest.

Average salary: $50,528 (Glassdoor).

Education criteria: Bachelor of research or any connected degree (e.g., math, statistics, and laptop science).

Sr. Package Developer

General Skills

Senior package developers square measure accountable for coming up with business solutions, assessing shopper desires, and finding technical issues that supported their data of the companies’ design. They conjointly coordinate, guide, and manage developer groups to confirm comes square measure is completed on time. Senior package developers work with project managers to make timelines for comes and technical directions for brand new package products

To create it to the “senior” standing, one should bring a measurable profit to the table. The person during this position makes individuals around them higher, has a long vision, delivers exceptional work, and systematically provides worth to the business. One could recognize all of the with-it purposeful programming techniques out there, however, if you can’t communicate effectively along with your team, or your focus isn’t on delivering real worth to customers, you’re not a senior developer.

Average salary: $95,791 (Glassdoor).

Education criteria: Bachelor of technology or package engineering (or any connected degree).

Information Analyst

General Skills

Data analysts collect, process, and analyze information, and place it into layman’s terms to assist organizations to perceive the way to improve their business choices by responsive queries and finding issues. They establish current trends to create predictions concerning the long run, justify the means behind the variations in numbers from year to year, and create suggestions on the way to improve these numbers.

Data analysts begin with facts and numbers; however, they ultimately work to know what these numbers mean to gift their findings in an attractive approach to mistreatment graph, charts, and graphics.

Average salary: $70,965 (Snagajob).

Education criteria: Bachelor of arithmetic, statistics, or technology (or the other connected degree).

HR Manager

General Skills

A human resources manager has got to handle all of the executive functions in a corporation. This could embody recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training, team building, strategic coming up with, performance updates, policies, salary, benefits, and worker safety. They act as a liaison between the workers and therefore the company. The time unit manager is additionally accountable for making a piece atmosphere that motivates and retains workers.

Average salary: $80,663 (Resources).

Education criteria: Bachelor of human resources management or business administration (or the other connected degree).

IT Specialist

General Skills

An info technology specialist could work with laptop networks, databases, and systems. several corporations have IT, specialists, on workers to assist maintain the laptops and computer networks for the organizations. If a server becomes dysfunctional, an associate degree IT specialist should establish and diagnose the matter, like a failing motherboard. The specialist should then be ready to take the acceptable steps to correct the matter.

IT specialists usually correct package issues by putting in fixes for packages discharged by a manufacturer, or by uninstalling and reinstalling a run-down package. The person during this position conjointly helps to mend individual technical problems that workers run into.

Average salary: $56,139 (Glassdoor).

Education criteria: Bachelor of technology or scientific discipline (or alternative connected degrees). Some corporations like a master’s degree.

Project organizer

General Skills

Project coordinators should manage specific stages of a larger project (unlike the project manager, WHO oversees the project as a whole). Project coordinators could manage many different aspects of a project or could concentrate on one.

The project coordinator tracks the stages of their focus throughout the project’s life cycle, and that they check that that essential info is shared with the mandatory team members. Project coordinators could like to manage the hands, monitor the event of the project, track schedules, and build reports.

Average salary: $88,270.

Education criteria: Though there usually are not any degree necessities on the far side of a high school credential, having a bachelor’s degree makes it easier for job candidates to induce employment. A degree in communications, business management, or similar fields is adequate. Employers conjointly seek candidates like an expert within the package utilized in the sphere, thus certifications in PRINCE2, Microsoft workplace, or Primavera also are useful.


General Skills

Systems analysts square measure IT specialists WHO study companies’ current laptop systems and build solutions to extend the companies’ potency and effectiveness in meeting their goals. they assist bring business and IT along by understanding and human action the wants and limitations of each.

Average salary: $68,807 (Glassdoor).

Education criteria: Bachelor of computer analysis, laptop science, or computer information systems (or alternative connected degrees).

A happy workplace is one where the employees are free to follow their passion and succeed ethically. We hope our wholesome guide of the best jobs in the USA helps you derive a general idea of the viable employment opportunities out there.

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