How To Use Facebook Business Page Effectively? 10 Tips

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Facebook is the biggest social media platform with maximum number of users. As this is the hub of all internet lovers so every company is now on Facebook.

To promote their business they make a business page depending upon their needs like business page, brand page, local shop page etc. These pages are very much different from Facebook profiles and have some special features. But to make these pages popular among all FB users, you need to take care of some points, below are the 10 important points that every digital marketer should know about Facebook business page:

Tips to Promote Facebook Business Page:


1. Be Visual:

Put a good and high definition cover image that explains your business. Try to make it as “Thoughts without words.” Like if you are an eCommerce store, Just put an example of what you sale. Also include your brand, logo, company image on page profile picture.

2. Invite:

Invite your circle and those people who have same interest as your page serves. These are the key customers for your business. Get a good number of like by inviting people from same area and your friends.

3. Boost Post:

Boost your post/services/offers to large audience. Try Facebook ads feature and spread your thoughts among large audience. If you are new with this, then try this feature for smaller budget, improve your budget if it helps in lead generation.

4. Posting Time:

Posting time is the time when your post get published on your Facebook page. Facebook have its own algo for spreading a post.

For example if a post is not liked/ignored by a first algo contain people then Facebook will not allow in second group of people. Your post will be considered as boring stuff and FB’s secret algo stops your post. So to get maximum reach on your post, you need to choose peak time (that time when your maximum audience is present). Say if people liking your stuff during evening, then post your data in the evening. You can check this maximum reach time via insight feature.

5. Targeted Area:

Same as the posting time, you need to choose right audience like gender, age group, location of people who likes your stuff most. Try to post those thing which your audience loves, not you. Again, take help from insight feature.

6. Replies:

Always respond to your page comments and feedback’s. Social media is a platform where your customers asks their doubts and put their positive or negative feedback about your services/products. Do not delete any negative feedback, try to solve the problem. This will increase trust factor among your fans/customers. Reply each query asap.

7. Insight Use:

Facebook insights helps you to see all the points of your post like what your are getting and what not from your post. You can check the best time period to post any thing, can find your who is your real audience and what people likes/ignore about your post and then you can set your updates/activities according to that. I say, most important feature to make your reach better day by day.

8. Offers/Discounts:

Facebook page is best to tell about discounts, offers, and deals. No one checks your website daily but they access their social media daily. So don’t forget to take advantage of this popular feature. Post creative images regarding deals/offers to your FB page.

9. Events:

Post upcoming event to your Facebook page. This attracts users to check your Page daily and they will never miss any important offer/service/event which your website provides. Try to use all these Facebook page buttons and take benefits of these key features.

10. Post Regular:

Post regular to your Facebook page and try to post different from your other social media platforms. Do not import same post from Twitter, G+, Website or from anywhere. It is better to post a single update with full creativity and effort rather than coping it from other platforms.
Thing yourself, Why a single user follows you on all Social media platform if the same information is there on each platform?

So if you still missing Facebook page then create it now and make your business popular online. Get online visibility with these 10 steps.

Share your thoughts and tips to make Facebook page more popular. Comment below!

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