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iPhone7 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 – 5 Things To Check Before Buy


With technology changing at a great pace, it can be mind boggling for the users to select the best mobile phone for them. Every user compares the mobile phones on the basis of features before buying a new phone. While buying a phone, the tech-savvy users search out for the best phones offered with all the latest technology features. The connectivity options, operating system, the performance of the battery and camera are some of the major features that are highly considered before selecting the phone.

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Appealing Design
 – While buying the smartphone, a buyer is first of all attracted by its design. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is offered with curved edges on the front and the back of the phone. On the other hand, iPhone7 has the same flat screen which offers it somewhat old-fashioned look. The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a comparatively big display as it measures 5.8 inches in size, whereas the display of iPhone7 is 4.7 inches. But the Samsung Galaxy S8 is slightly heavy in weight. The iPhone7 weighs 138 g and Samsung Galaxy S8 weighs 155g.

Dual Camera – Camera is one of the features that are highly paid attention to. When it comes to iPhone7 and Samsung Galaxy S8, it is quite difficult to say which has the better camera. Both the phones are offered with 12 Mp rear camera. The only difference is that iPhone7 has 7 Mp front camera and Samsung Galaxy S8 has an 8Mp front camera with an autofocus function. Samsung has really made efforts in improving the camera quality. Both the cameras outshine each other in different situations, so it is quite difficult to give a final verdict.

Battery – It is the most important part of the phone. The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a bigger battery with 3000mAh with wireless charging facility. On the other hand, the capacity of the iPhone7 battery is 1960mAh and can be charged quickly. When it comes to charging, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is not left behind. It can charge up to 50% within 15 minutes. But the iPhone7 lacks this feature and stands nowhere near this result. So, it’s time for Apple to think and work on its battery life. Moreover, learning from the past mistakes, Samsung has offered a new ‘8 Point Quality Check’ which improves battery life and will lose only 5% of its capacity in a year.

Processor and Storage – The users will get Samsung Galaxy S8 with Snapdragon 835 in North America whereas the rest of the users will get an Octa-core 2.35GHz processor. It’s competitor, iPhone7 is offered with A10 Quad-core 2.3GHz processor. The S8 allows the users to use 64GB of storage space whereas iPhone7 outshines by providing 32GB, 128GB, 256GB of storage space. But S8 provides the option of saving more videos, pictures or documents in microSD card. This option is not available to the users in iPhone7. So, the storage can be balanced in both the brands.

Price – iPhone7 is quite cheap as compared to Samsung Galaxy S8. The price of iPhone7 is around $649 and Galaxy S8 is between $700 to $800. This price is best for your next phone offered with a plethora of functions. Both the phones are apt for running various applications.

iPhone7 and Samsung Galaxy S8 are designed with protective frames. Samsung Galaxy S8 is made with an aluminum frame glass, whereas iPhone7 is offered with an aluminum body. Samsung Galaxy S8 is offered in Silver, Black, Gold, Gray, and Blue colors. iPhone7 is available in Black, Jet black, Gold, Silver and Rose gold colors. Both the phones are resistant to water and Samsung excels this function. Besides this, both the branded phones have a fingerprint sensor. These phones are impressive and have great functionality, so make a wise decision according to your preferences and budget.

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