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nothing is permanent quotes

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1. All things in life are temporary in nature.

2. We suffer due to our attachment to temporary things.

3. Life is a kaleidoscope of emotions and experiences.

4. All our troubles and challenges are temporary.

5. It’s both a good and a bad thing that nothing lasts forever.

6. We can never truly own anything.

7. Love is the only thing that is permanent.

8. Nothing of character is really permanent but virtue and personal worth.”- Daniel Webster

9. Life is just to experience it, but it is not permanent.

10. Nothing lasts forever, everything comes with an expiry date.

11. Life is temporary and that’s why nothing is permanent in life.

12. Pain or happiness both comes to go back, it is not permanent.

13. Never make a permanent decision based on temporary people.

14. There is nothing permanent except change.

15. Never give up, the end of something is not there forever, there is a new beginning after that.

16. In all the universe nothing remains permanent and unchanged but the spirit.

17. Who is beautiful is only a short time who has done beautiful work, his mark will always be there.

18. Nothing’s permanent, stop stressing yourself because no matters how bad the situation gets, it will change.

19. Everything isn’t permanent, so don’t pretend that it is. Everything’s supposed to move and shift.

20. You may not change yourself, but keep making changes in yourself, to keep it permanent means to stop development.

21. Never try to make permanent decisions on temporary things.

22. Nothing is more permanent than the temporary.

23. Everything is perfect and nothing is permanent.

24. Everything in the world is subject to change, its change is certain.

25. Do not be afraid of any change, that is what will make you develop.

26. Everyday teaches me, nothing is permanent and life has to move on!

27. Nothing is permanent in life. So we need to learn just enjoy our present!

28. Do not wait for any inconvenience, go ahead everything is for a short time.

29. Every time you get a chance again, wait for the time, your time will also change.

30. Love requires constant nourishment or it would die.

31. Nothing is permanent and certain.

32. None of your troubles are permanent.

33. Don’t worry about anything – nothing is going to last forever.

34. We ignore truths for temporary happiness.

35. Nothing is permanent here…let’s move on!

36. Nothing lasts forever. Love it while it’s here.

37. Nothing is permanent but change.

38. Nothing is of a permanent nature.

39. Things will come and go in life, nothing is permanent.

40. Life is fair, will give you what you deserve, if not given, then wait for the right time to come.

41. Everything in this world is like this artwork made on sand, whose end is certain, that is nature.

42. Everything can perfectly prepare you, but only for a temporary period, as nothing is permanent.

43. If everything were permanent, singular, or independent, nothing would change.

45. No one from our past is the same yet, so how will the people of the future be like that in the coming time.

46. Everything has a very limited time, sooner or later, everything will end up, even our life is not permanent.

47. Everything permanent in our life does not change itself but the attitude of people changes towards us.

48. Do not try to make your people’s thinking permanent, make your relationship with them permanent.

49. Enjoy everything because nothing lasts forever.

50. Good and bad experiences don’t last forever.

51. And everything is perfect in its place but nothing is permanent.

52. Nothing can stay forever with you, not even your closest people.

53. Why are you sad for what is there for some time, it is temporary.

54. Changes may be permanent, but permanent is always temporary.

55. When nothing is permanent, then everything becomes temporary.

56. Nothing is permanent. Not even the end of the world.

57. There’s nothing that is permanent in the world and it is the only truth.

58. Everything exists in cycles. Nothing is permanent, do not get attached.

59. Never worry if things are going bad with you because it is not permanent.

60. Except for all the changes in your life, because there’s nothing permanent.

61. Just realize that everything is not permanent and you will live a happy life.

62. Keep morality permanent in life, temporary your intellect and knowledge.

63. The better way to never get hurt is to never take anything as permanent in life.

64. People wanting for permanence in a world but that is temporary nothing more.

65. For those who have a hard time, do not confuse Because everything is temporary.

66. Be happy, live your today, Because Everything is temporary, nothing is permanent.

67. You cannot keep everything found in your life permanent, because it is not possible.

68. Nothing lasts forever, not even your feelings and emotions, as everything is temporary.

69. Anything special will always be temporary, dare to let it go because nothing is permanent.

70. Whatever is assumed to be permanent is always temporary things.

71. Constant change is the only thing that endures.

72. Everything changes – you and your world.

73. Even the hardest experiences in life don’t last forever.

74. The essence of the universe stays the same but everything changes.

75. Change is inevitable – have faith in your ability to adapt.

76. If you are truly living, then you’re constantly recreating yourself.

77. Change is the only thing in life that you can be sure of.

78. Reality lies outside the realm of this transitory world.

79. All life experiences are fleeting and temporary.

80. If something is alive, then it’s constantly changing.

81. Pain and suffering are temporary.

82. Don’t be attached to your possessions.

83. Impermanence is the only permanent thing in life.


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