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Top 10 Occupations To Become Rich


Every man dreams of achieving a high status and leading a rich life. Now the question arises- How to go about it? Worry not, we bring you a list of some of the most viable job opportunities to opt for if making money is your ultimate goal.

Here are the top 10 Occupations if you want to be a millionaire:


Blogging is one of the easiest and most accessible ways to become rich in India. There is no need to head to a workplace or set up an office, but rather just sit back at home and earn money without putting in any investment.

Several people have converted blogging into their full-time job and are able to earn a living from it. There is a misconception that blogging requires fluency in English and the know-how of web designing. What matters most is your ability to express your thoughts and ideas in words, irrespective of language.

What you should give the most attention to is choosing the hosting and domain. Free versions tend to have many restrictions, so go for an annual subscription instead.

Taxi fleet owner

There has been a boom in cab aggregators in India which has created a profitable opportunity. Individuals can own cars and lease them as taxis, thereby earning a good amount of money. Major operators in all metropolitan cities in India are on the lookout for people who can lease out vehicles for use as taxis. Along with a fixed amount per day, the cab aggregators offer a share in profits making it a lucrative option.

Accommodation services

The economic boom in India has led to a massive increase in geographical relocations. Millions of university students, graduates, working professionals, unskilled and skilled workers migrate to different parts of the country in search for better opportunities, and need a place to stay. One can earn a sizeable, fixed monthly income from converting a house or an apartment into a hostel or other type of accommodation.

Herbal beauty products

People are becoming more aware of the harmful ingredients and chemicals in conventional beauty products and are now turning to look for safer, healthier alternatives. Herbal, organic, or ayurvedic skincare, cosmetics, and other beauty products are up and rising due to this need. The sector is quite competitive with the big corporates coming in for a share of the market. Despite that, a sizeable portion of the market is up for entrepreneurs as people are going for smaller brands with a more personal experience in the form of fresh, homemade beauty products.

Public relations agency

In India, the boom in new businesses has led to tough competition in just about every sector. The Indian market is ruled by copycat business models, and therefore companies need to differentiate themselves. Companies are on the lookout for public relations agencies to consolidate their brand look or just to retain their position in the market.

These days, PR has become essential for any business or individual’s growth and to build a relationship of the brand with their customers and the media. Rising businesses and smaller firms cannot pay for the services of large PR firms. One can offer services to these smaller firms from a small office or the comfort of home.

Food processing

India being a large country combined with poor logistics and infrastructure to handle the enormous amounts of raw food leads to about 40% of the food being wasted. To mitigate the issue, the Indian government has set several initiatives in motion. This includes ‘Food Parks’ where processing units can be opened by investors to lessen a large amount of food wastage.

The Indian government is also providing investors with technical and financial assistance to open these food processing units. Investing into the market of dehydrated, canned, and frozen foods is sure to be a profitable venture in this growing market.

Stocks and commodities trading

Because of the boom in almost every sector in India, be it finance, infrastructure, and building, manufacture, or telecom. Investing and trading in company shares is a promising way to get rich. Investing money in equities, stocks, bonds, etc. can give great returns. Commodity trading in crude, gold, and silver are also old and tested ways of making money.
There are several short courses available in India which train you to deal in stocks and commodities. Investing in the stock market can be rewarding if done safely.

Exotic meats supplier

A change in tastes of the people and the growing numbers of specialty restaurants in India has created the need for a steady supply of exotic meats in India. People are now looking to exotic meat suppliers to serve their diet requirements and taste for refined meats. Farming turkeys, ostrich, partridge, quail, etc, and supplying their meat and eggs to individuals and restaurants is a lucrative opportunity for those who have the required time, finances, and space for it.

Photo/ artefact restoration

Art restorers work on old paintings, pictures, sculptures, artefacts, etc. to repair damage, clean, and preserve the artefacts for the future. The tropical climate of India wreaks havoc on precious artefacts, old pictures, and antiques. A restorer makes use of their artistic skills and modern technology to restore these pieces. The restores are often required to do some research to figure out the best course of action, keeping in mind that the original shouldn’t be changed in any way. Although there are a few who provide these services to restore family heirlooms and artefacts, it is rare and not very available. Hence, there is a market for these services in India.

Government liaison

Despite the best efforts of the Indian government, red tapism has not lessened and the bureaucracy still reigns. It is a long and difficult process to get permits and licenses or renew existing ones.

There are only a few agencies operating online that can help with this. As the world is getting faster by the day, it is quite profitable to help businesses in the procurement and renewal of licenses and permits in a fast-tracked way.

We hope you find this list helpful and derive a vague idea of what occupations are the best when it comes to making a good and hefty income.

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