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Maximize your space with over-bed fitted wardrobes


Over-bed fitted wardrobes are a clever way of maximizing space in a room. Because fitted furniture is designed to make more with less space, no place is too large or too tiny. Built-in wardrobes around a bed can feature extra drawers, shelves, and compartments to provide significantly more storage capacity than a standard wardrobe. Fitted wardrobes designs for bedroom can serve as a stunning frame for your bed.

A well-organized bedroom will help to instill a sense of calm and peace; an over-bed storage box will help to keep clutter and mess at bay. Do you have enough closet space to store your clothes? Your new over-the-bed wardrobe can be used for a variety of purposes!

Over-bed fitted wardrobes are a style statement

White cabinets: To avoid the area seeming closed in, choose simple, white cabinets with clean lines to produce a barely-there look. Put a darker throw on the bed for contrast, and the cupboards will disappear even further.

Highlighted cabinets: If you want to emphasize the cabinets, then create a highlight around your bed. Opt for an open shelf into the design that provides a terrific area for showcasing personal items and adding interest to a room. Tall, sleek cupboards make excellent use of the space on either side of the bed in this plan, while a small bedside shelf also serves as a handy area for bedtime items.

Mirror: Putting a mirror on the front of the high wall is an excellent idea that gives an illusion of a larger room by reflecting the light and ceiling space. A mirror is perfect solutions if over-bed fitted wardrobes make the appearance of a room small.

Perfect for narrow rooms: When there isn’t enough space on the wall opposite the bed for made-to-measure wardrobes, the solution is generally to arrange all of the furniture along one wall. However, rather than having different freestanding pieces, use a built-in design to give the bedroom uniformity and cohesiveness. Two huge wardrobes lie on either side of the bed and are connected by an open storage bridge, providing a sleek and streamlined aesthetic.

Open stylish storage: It is not necessary that over-bed storage have to be closed units; you can even go for open shelves. It is a great solution for clutter-free kids’ rooms. Just keep baskets on the shelves for a clean finish.


Regardless of the shape and size of the room, just install a fitted wardrobe over the bed you’ve always dreamed of and give your ambiance a makeover.

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