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Places to Cover Before You Die


Death is truth and no one can avoid this fact. We all are here for a while. No No, I am not scaring you; just want to tell you that “Enjoy Every Moment of Life”

There are lots of ways to enjoy your life.  The way of enjoyment differs from person to person.  Some like Sports, some in favor of luxury gadgets, some go with mouth watering food, most of the part go with Power, some love speed and thrilling, but I would like to go with exploring the new places.

We all know travel is not only to visit beautiful places, this thing known as tourism. Travel is some kind of exploring the things. Travel builds confidence in you.


Everyone know about this powerful country that is leading to world but here I am not talking about the power, I am telling what to see in this country and the answer is : Grand Canyon. This is 18 mile wide and 277 miles long. If you are human then this place surely amazes you.


Egypt, a country that tell us a new world of magic, pyramid and mummies.  Mysteries are born here. No one can guess that Pyramid of Giza was made by humans.  This is not nature creativity, this is done by human. This is a live example of our elder’s creativity, their intelligence, their force and their medical science. Otherwise how they can arrange these heavy pieces of rock without any machine. Don’t tell me Aliens help them to move millions of heavy stone, some of them are nearly 88 tones in weight.


Machu Picchu is the place for that Peru is famous for. Machu Picchu is an example of our great nature creativity. What a great scene this place offer to you, cannot imagine.  There are two ways to go at this place- By Train and By Feet. This is near about 8000 feet above sea level and believes me; this is made for adventure lovers.


This country is known for its great wall, a man made wall that can see by universe and protecting China from other countries. One can enjoy Chinese food, their unique lifestyle, Leshan Giant Buddha and other surprising old architecture by visiting this country.


This country is example of modern life style. This is IT hub of Asia. I listed this country not because of natural places but because of mixing of every culture like Indian, Chinese, and Malay etc. This country is very much neat and clean and you can drink water directly from taps. This is famous for medical services and for the shopping centers.


This country is meant for beach lovers. If someone wants to enjoy world class beaches and food then Thailand is best available option within a good budget. Phuket is like a heaven on earth and adventure games + water activities can force you to stay more at this country.


Spin is another option to enjoy your life with games, culture, language, food, wine and other awesome things. Everyone knows about the Tomato fest of this country and Bull race is another symbol of this adventures country. Once again, must visit country.


This is very little country, not as much rich in terms of money but richest country when you compare people. Everyone welcomes you with a sweet smile. Pollution free environment, Best option for tracing and exploring nature beauty of Himalaya, Peaceful stoppage, almost zero crime. All these factors make this place a good option to visit.


Antarctica is the driest and coldest place in the world. This is very much different from other seven continents. By visiting this place you can surprise with the level of cold and loneliness. If you are going to explore this place then be ready to make new type of friends, Penguins.


The Amazing and Incredible country. No one can explain this country. Every state, every mood, every culture, every taste, even every thinking is different but they all are one. No other country can stand in compare of India. There are lots of option to see like Forts of Rajasthan, Taj Mahal in Agra, Natural Beauty in Himachal, Kashmir, Delhi and other places. Everyone like Indian festival Holi, a fest in which everyone throws color and water to each other.

By visiting these places one can enjoy every type of weather, cuisines, culture, and people. So make your plans, decide your budget and make a try before you die.

Enjoy the life that you have. Fulfill Your Dreams

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