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Top 7 Sites To Sell Or Buy Gift Cards Online


Let’s be honest! We’ve all been stuck in a limbo where someone gets us a gift card as a present, but we don’t find anything useful in that particular store. Instead of buying something useless or collecting them until they find their way to the trash, you can sell or trade them instead.

Listice provides you with 7 sites to sell your gift cards online instantly, trade them and even buy more if needed.

Best Sites to Sell or buy Gift Cards Online


At, you can get rid of your unused gift cards within 24 hours. The site lets you list your card for sale and the payment comes through when the sale is done. A major add-on feature on the site is that they enable you to sell your store credits if you return an item and have some credit you wouldn’t mind getting rid of.

The payment will be made to the user by direct deposit, PayPal, or a cheque.


Carpool is another cool site that stands out as it allows you to put electronic gift cards on sale other than the plastic kinds. The site promises a cashback of 92% and the payment is sent within 24 hours through an Amazon gift card sent to your email address or by a cheque mailed to you.

GiftCard Granny

Be it buying gift cards or selling your unwanted ones, GiftCard Granny is the one-stop solution to it all. GiftCardGranny provides you three simple ways to flip your gift cards into cash.

The first option being to sell it or using the site to as many gift cards as you like through incredible gift card websites. By opting for the best sale offer, you can gain up to 92% cashback on your card. This method is quick and efficient.

The second option is called “Name Your Price” wherein the user adds their card on the site and labels a price for it which is followed by waiting for a buyer to pop up. A slow yet steady method to sell your gift card result in high sale prices.

The final option is to opt for trading a gift card. This includes trading the unwanted gift card that you have for the desired one that you’d like to get.


CardKangaroo is a simple yet efficient site to turn gift cards into solid cash. They promise to deliver about 92% cashback on your card sale as well. There are three steps to selling a gift card

  1. Listing your card for sale and receiving offers.
  2. Mail the gift card through their free shipping label for customers.
  3. Receive the payment within 48 hours of your card being delivered.

The site also provides access to setting up your card for trade with the alternate card you want. Upon finding a suitable buyer who’s Once you find willing to trade with you, you send your card via mail and get paid within 48 hours of the card delivery, then wait 48 hours to receive the alternate gift card that was part of the trade.


CardCash makes selling your unwanted cards simple as ever by letting you put the card on sale and enables you to receive 92% of the remaining value of the unwanted gift card after the sale.

The site is also trade-friendly and claims to provide 11% more to you upon trading.

ABC Gift Cards

ABC Gift Cards can easily pass off as a sister site of CardCash as they share many similarities in terms of features and appearance. The only difference setting them apart is their name.

ABC Gift Cards shares identical terms and policies when it comes to selling or trading gift cards as CardCash.

GC Spread

Unlike other sites on this list, GC Spread does not claim to be a gift card auction website. They are a direct buyer of all your unwanted gift cards. To make it even better, you get to quote a price for the gift card being put on sale!

The site reverts to you within 24 hours either to accept your offer or to make a counteroffer. The final decision is yours! You can choose to accept or reject the offer made. Upon acceptance, you are required to upload your credentials like your ID and credit card details, along with your gift card details, and directly or ship it to the GC Spread office, Chicago. After receiving your gift card, the payment is made and the deal is closed.


If you’re hoarding unwanted gift cards that might end up in the bin, choose any website from our list of top sites to sell your gift card and sell, buy or trade your gift cards at unbelievable prices. A quick and wholesome way to make the most of your money and resources.

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