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Top 10 Android Mobile Apps


I know it’s hard to believe but there are more than 1 billion Android devices activated till September 2013. Google Android OS had 80 percent of the world smart phones according to industry analysis. Facts says that more than 400 applications have been installed for at least 10 million times. We know that there are plenty of fantastic apps for Android mobiles and sometime it’s difficult to choose what to install and what to not. So Listice shares the list with you.

Top 10 Apps for Android User

WhatsApp Messenger


WhatsApp Messenger is a smartphone messenger. This application is available for Android and other smartphones. WhatsApp works with your 3G or WiFi. Now you can enjoy free message with friends and family. I suggest you to switch from SMS to WhatsApp to send and receive messages, audio files, images and video messages. WhatsApp is free for First year and after that you need to pay $0.99 USD for per year. There are more than 8,100,226 users on WhatsApp.

Why to use WhatsApp:

  • No hidden cost
  • Free multimedia
  • For group chat
  • No international charges
  • Say no to pins and usernames
  • No need to log in/out
  • No need to add buddies.

Download Whatsapp



Facebook is an online social networking service. With more than 1 billion users, Facebook is the world’s largest social network. Facebook was started in 2004 and the founder of Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg. Currently, Facebook is the number one social media platform to stay connected with your friends. Keeping up with friends is faster than ever. People use this one to share and for chatting purpose. There are more than 12,355,568 users on Facebook mobile.

Why to use Facebook:

  • See what friends are up to
  • Share updates, photos and videos
  • Get notified when friends like and comment on your posts
  • Text, chat and have group conversations
  • Play games and use your favorite apps

Download Facebook

MX Player


MX Player – The best way to enjoy your movies. One of the best thing that Android can offer. I love this application because this helps in watching all video formats. This is easy to use and you jumps to next video songs after one finishes. Cool software, download if you have sufficient memory in your mobile otherwise skip this. There are more than 1,022,199 users on Facebook mobile.

Why to use MX Player:

  • Hardware acceleration
  • Multi-core
  • Pinch to zoom
  • Subtitle scroll
  • Kids lock

Download MX Player

Clean Master


Clean master is the world’s most downloaded FREE cache cleaner software. This helps in RAM boosting, antivirus & security suite. This software gives you full control over your phone and maximize its performance by keep it clear of junk files. There are more than 5,462,366 users on Clean Master.

Why to use Clean Master:

  • More than 100 million users, supporting 32 languages. Choose according to your choice.
  • This is no.1 Cache Cleaner App.
  • Boost Android Speed & Security.
  • No. 1 App in the Utilities category in the world.
  • Trusted by 100 million users. So it’s reliable.

Download Clean Master

UC Browser for Android


With UC Browser for Android you enjoy a fast all-in-one mobile web browsing experience. UC Browser smartly adapts to your network connection and phone hardware to allow you to browse faster, download faster and save on data costs! If you have a look into the stats then more than 400 million users worldwide uses UC Browser. This is very much popular mobile web browser.

Why to use UC Browser:

  • Great Download Management
  • Offers plenty of Add-ons
  • Adjust Speed Mode according to network connection and device
  • Auto Pager
  • Offers Customized theme.

Download UC Browser



Telegram is a messaging app that works according to your speed and security. It’s superfast, simple and free. This offers group chats with up to 200 people so you can stay connected with everyone at once. With this you can share videos up to 1GB. And the best thing about this app is that all of your messages are in the cloud, so you can easily access them from any of your devices. There are more than 118,966 user of telegram.

Why to use Telegram:

  • Fastest messaging app
  • Much secure than whatsapp
  • Cloud storage, so no data lost
  • Group chat & sharing
  • Reliable even on weakest mobile system
  • 100% free & no ads

Download Telegram

Truecaller – Caller ID & Block


Truecaller is the world’s #1 verified mobile phone number community. This app makes your mobile environment smarter by allowing you to connect with who you want, when you want. With True caller app you can easily search for the name who is calling you. I love this application. It tells me the about the caller identity. There are more than 50,000,000 user of turecaller.

Why to use Truecaller:

  • Helps you identify who’s calling before picking up the call
  • Block call and move to spam freedom
  • Larges database of numbers
  • Integrated with Twitter
  • Keeps your phonebook beautiful and up-to-date with from Social media
  • Creates your own Truecaller profile
  • View call history

Download Truecaller

Subway Surfers


Now this is the app that entertains you. Subway surfer is very popular game in android market and it’s free. In this game you need to help Jake, Tricky & Fresh escape from the grumpy Inspector and his dog. Be aware of incoming trains! There are more than 50,000,000 users of subway sufrers.

Why to use Subway Surfers:

  • Show how quick you are!
  • Enjoy Colorful and vivid HD graphics!
  • Feel Hoverboard Surfing!
  • Paint powered jetpack!
  • Lightning fast swipe acrobatics!
  • Challenge and help your friend.

Download Subway Surfers



Applock is the most downloaded app lock in Google Play Store. This is the no.1 app in the 50 countries and used by more than 30 Million users, supporting 24 languages. This app helps in lock SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Facebook, Gallery, Market, Settings, Calls and any app you choose. If you are looking for privacy than this is the best available option for you. Go for it!

Why to use AppLock:

  • Never worry about a friend borrow your phone to play games again!
  • Never worry about a workmates get your phone to have a look again!
  • Never worry about private data in some apps may be read by someone again!
  • Never worry about your kids may changing phone’s Settings, paying games, messing up it again!

Download Applock

Tiny Flashlight + LED


Tiny flashlight helps you to find something in darkness. This uses your flash as a torch and now you can enjoy the lighting power of your mobile. This free flashlight app is very useful for you! Incredibly and simple app I ever seen. Will use your device’s flash as a torch?

Why to use Tiny Flashlight + LED:

  • Supports the widest range of devices with a camera flash. All for free.
  • Highly optimized. Small memory footprint, low battery and CPU consumption.
  • Best tablet flashlight
  • LED Light – Uses your phone’s flash. Note that some devices don’t have a camera led. In this case the led flashlight option will be disabled.
  • Screen Light – This is the basic white screen, which is bright enough for daily use. You can use it as your primary flashlight option in case your device doesn’t have a LED flashlight or you want to save some battery.
  • Warning Lights like Police car and other fun lights
  • The best flashlight app when you need reliability and functionality.

Download Tiny Flashlight + LED

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