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Top 10 Best Antivirus for Computer


We all know that a good antivirus is an amazing and invaluable weapon. This keeps your system protected. Viruses can easily harm our computer. They are capable to do anything such as hacking our bank accounts numbers, credit card numbers, etc. Viruses can make our system dummy or slave. Important data can also be destroyed by these harmful viruses. Virus are divided into many categories such as Lehigh virus, scores virus, raindrops, happy birthday 30th, brain virus, Friday the 13th, Sunnyvale slug, , etc. But if we take care of some little thing and use anti-virus then we can easily get rid from these viruses.

Below are Top 10 Free Anti-viruses


This one is best in order to protect your system from unwanted attacks. Helps you to secure your valuable data. Kaspersky anti-virus is very famous name in internet world and surveys show that it is capable to detect 198 malicious out of 200 different types of malicious files. This anti-virus is fantastic. It can be used easily and scan your system very fast as well as it contain all other features of an antivirus.

Download Kaspersky


Avast is also a good anti-virus program. The best thing is that it is accessible without any cost. It is totally free and it works very fast. If someone wants to pick a free anti-virus program and it is the best program among the all free anti-viruses. Avast helps in fast processing of your system by deleting the entire virus from your system.

Download Avast


It detects all types of viruses in your computer. It works on all virus type whether they are diminutive or hefty viruses programs. AVG provides best heuristic protection. One can download it from DBs virus offline which is a gigantic plus point from users’ side. It requires lesser space after the installation in comparison to other anti-viruses programs such as Kaspersky and Norton, etc.

Download AVG


It is an old and effective antivirus program. Norton is providing effective services from the past many years. With this antivirus program one can keep his PC safe and clean from the attack of unwanted threats. It is a good antivirus program that helps you a lot and scans your PC fully.

Download Norton

Quick heal

This stands at the 5th position in my list. Just install this program on your PC and forget about malware and viruses. It works on DNA scan technology. This technology can detect any type of virus which is present on this planet. If you are connected to internet then you can update it regularly. It requires a very less space after installation and offers very good security.

Download Quick heal


This program is considered as the best one because its rapid speed.  This anti-viruses do not allow your system to get slow down. Better speed than Kaspersky and Norton. It also provides daily updates. ESET is user friendly antivirus software. It is very much easy in operation and can one can schedule his scan with this.

Download ESET

Microsoft Security Essentials

Again another program which is absolutely free and provide best protection to your PC. It is superb in functionality, easy to use and 100% secure. This is very much compatible with Microsoft technologies so this is good option for those people who uses this technology. But there is one drawback of this Anti-virus and that is heating. When your run a scan for your system then your PC gets over heated.  So, I advise you to close all the programs before running a scan.

Download Microsoft Security Essentials


Best anti-virus program for Trojans and malware. I agree that it costs you more than other program if go for paid but this one is very helpful. Worth for you because by installing this, your system is going to work accurately. It gives you complete report. It clearly tells about infected files or sites.  But the thing that I like about this program is that it will ask about you the required action. It will ask you whether you want to delete it or not.

Download McAfee


It is developed in Germany and this antivirus program provides full protection to your PCs. Updates is provided regularly and scanning is much more powerful. This program contains an active webguard.  No doubt that It is a superlight anti-virus program and a strong defender.

Download Avira


Based on latest reports we can say that this program is best to mark the detection and removal of every threat as well as any malicious software. According to AV survey this one is the best antivirus program. This one is cost effective. Many companies agreed that this program is the no. 1 in finding the solution of Trojans, threats, viruses, malicious etc. Privacy options and firewall are good in this software.

Download BitDefender

‘Prevention is better than cure’ so it should be understood that these viruses can harm easily to our important data so we should use a good antivirus program. All above anti-virus programs can help you to protect your PC.  A good anti-virus program is that which firstly checks your system that whether there is any virus attack present or not and then performs the appropriate action.

Stay safe with these free software’s!

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