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Top 10 Birds as a Pet


Everyone loves birds. Birds are symbol of freedom and intelligence. In our old stories, some birds were used as a message carrier. They were the perfect postmaster and will remain if technology doesn’t overcome every field. I love birds very much because they are easier to handle and care. They do not run away like cat and dogs. They do not need daily walk like we all do with our dog and other pets. And the best thing about the birds is that they are easier to train. So if you are thinking for a pet then a bird is the perfect option for you and your little kids. Here are some top familiar birds. Have a look so that you can easily pick the best suitable for you.

Pionus Parrots

Lifespan of Pionus is near about 35 years. This is near about 9-13″ in size and 200-280 grams in weight.  Pionus are capable of talking, but their vocabulary is not as good as the Amazons. But they are quieter than Amazons. They cost you near about $200-900.

Quaker Parrots

This pet is very much friendly, do not bite, less noisy, a little in size. This cost you near about $150-300. They are 12-15’’ in size and 200-300 gram in weight. They live up to 25 years.

Amazon Parrots

Amazon parrots are independent pets and always keep you entertained with their excellent singing and talking abilities.  This bird is 9-18’ in size and 250-700 grams in weight. Lifespan of this bird is near about 50 years and it cost you $600-1500.


Life of this pet is 25-40 years. Poicephalus are intelligent, curious, great sense of humor and entertaining so they are good family pet. This bird is near about 9-13″ in size and 200-250 grams in weight.  This bird cost $200-600 in your pocket.


Life of this bird is 50 year. They are costly and you need to pay $900-4,000+ to buy this beautiful pet. These are near about 9-36″ in size and 200-700 grams in weight. These are very intelligent one and easily learn every trick. Macaws are very loud and some can scream as loud as 105 decibels.


Conures are mainly green and yellow in color. These are 9-21 inch (22-53 cm) in size depending on the species and near about 200-250 grams in weight. Life time of Conures is about 20-40 years. They cost you $400-$1000 o your pocket. They require daily interaction and training.


Cockatoos are mainly black and white in color. Their life time is up to 60 years or more. They are very loud and can scream for hours. They love to scream. They are 12-24’’ in size and 300-550 grams in weight. If you are thinking to buy them, then you need to spend $800-4,000+.


Another name for this species is Parakeets. They are a group of small to medium sized pet birds that have long tail feathers. They are 7-23″ in size, depending on species. Their life time is 8-40 years and they cost you at $10-500. Some species are noisy but some are not.

African Grey Parrots

Grey Parrots are nearly 12-14″ in size, and 400-650 grams in weight. Their origin is Africa and these are gray in color. Their average life time is 50 years. They need an experienced owner. They cost near about $600-2000. Again, they are best fit pet for apartment as they are not known to scream.


  1. Cockatiels are gray with yellow heads and orange cheek patches. Their lifespan is approximately 35 years. These are nearly 12″ (30 cm) in size, and 75-125 grams in weight. Cockatiels are Friendly, quiet, adaptable, easily trained, undemanding and playful. They are less noisy, so they are good choice if you live in an apartment. This bird costs you near about $50-150.

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