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Top 10 Easiest Job

Everyone needs a job and we are doing it. Some are luckey enough that they have their dream job. Here I mention the 10 easiest job in the world that one can do with ease and comfort. So are you one of the lucky one??


Just sit on Chair, scan the book, issue them and if not in a mood then refuse to issue; No issue… I found this job very comfortable. Books surround you but you will not face any exam or teacher who can ask you questions on that subject.

Food Tester

We all are agree that food is the prime necessities of humans, animals and ghost too (Don’t know what they eat, but they eat!). A person works to feed their tummy. Everyone struggle for food. That is why we are working, I am writing and you are doing your job. So it’s good to be a food inspector, not because there is heavy black income in this field but because of this you will get a chance to taste everything and there is no emergency in this field. According to study a food tester earn from $40,000 to $75,000 per year.

Resort Consultant

I love this job. With this job one can enjoy the luxury of everything. You can travel to the world and can do this job. One can earn money while doing this kind of job. So what else you need?? Just pack your bag, go anywhere, join any luxury hotel and enjoy your life.

Shop Keeper

In this job, you works for own. You have all the time in the world. One can come and go by his wish. Being a shopkeeper is easiest job in the world. You can open a shop in your near by area, so can cut the fuel cost. The part that I like about this profession is: No horrible bosses.

Bingo Announcer

You have to do announcements that are it!! You get a chance to engage with audience. This is fun kind of job. You can also create some surprises for getting more attention from public. Make fun with your activities and earn money. Wait, I have one tip for you: Don’t mess or make extreme fun of a guy who has strong muscles.

Life Guard at a Baby swimming pool

You can easily guess the ease of this job. You just need to pick 20-30 kg of weight if the little chaps are new swimmers. Sit on the top most chairs and enjoy the playing view of little champs. If you love kids and their activities then you are going to enjoy this job. But there is one disadvantage of this job that you need to be alert.

Elevator Operator

Somewhat boring…but here I am writing about the easiest job not the top paying or interesting jobs. So elevator operator scored a position in my list. Guess what, this is the only job that you can handle only with a finger. Up, down, up, down, basement, top and up and down.. That’s it and you will get the salary at the end of day/month.

A Doctor’s Secretary

I guess this job is a nice option to you if you are looking for comfort. You need to write down inquiries, make and attend phone calls and schedule appointment. Plus point is that, you will never get boar, chances to get new people, friendly environment and good salary. I guess this is a good option for female job seekers.

A Government Job

Let me first clear myself. Here I am not talking about responsible jobs or undercover agents. I am joint pointing paper work jobs. And hope now you are agreeing that this one also offers you a plenty of comfort and flexibility. You will feel relax at this job. I ranked this one at 2nd position in this list.

Online Article Writer

What I say about this job. Simply no boss, work from home or anywhere you want, feel like holidays, handsome income, multiple job etc. Online writing offers all this to you and helps in skill development. You will get a chance to learn new things. Just need good English and impressive way to present your thoughts.

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