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Top 10 Great and Simple Optical illusions


Optical illusion: A scientific term that mostly used in magical tricks. In this our mind totally depended on eyes and ignores the facts. Photoshop is the great way to create this type of illusions. Have a look at these picture and get amaze. Here are top 10 photos that will blow your mind.

Don’t Jump

You do not dare to step inside this elevator. May be better idea is to use stairs. I bet no one want to enter first into this lift. What you say about this creativity? I offer 10/10 marks to this.

Hold the Car

Catch a taxi with your hand. Play with it like a toy. Go with this illusion. Now what you get? Is it really a taxi or a toy or both? I offer 9/10 to this.

Shadow Illusion

Do you believe if I tell you that A and B are of same color. I guess not. But they are. I give 10/10 marks to this tricky illusion. Think why so? Actually your brain is trying to figure out the color of the objects around you so it compensates for shadows automatically. B falls in the shadow area made by green cylinder but A is out. Tricky one!

Courtyard or Grassy Globe

Guess what is this? Got confused on this. Me too! Again a cool piece of art. I will give this one 8/10 marks.


Everyone knows about the seesaw. This one is to play but first tell me: Is it actually lined up straight or not? Have a concentrated eye on these two boxes and guess the answer. I know you founded this as tilted but they are straight. I offer 10/10 to this.

Two Face

This one is famous and new one. I know that many of you enjoyed this type of picture before. In this, one picture appears as two; one with side pose and another one with front face. Some of them offer you two different things like one human and one animal. Cool illusion again. I will offer 8/10 to this.


This impossible triangle can easily make fool to your eyes and brain. None of the corner meting to each other but they are looking just opposite to this. It’s just a creative photography. It is created by three lines of dice arranged in the shape of the letter ‘Z’. I offer 10/10 to this illusion.

Confusing Circles

These are four well-arranged circles but our mind to refuse to agree on this. What you think? I am right or not. Yes, I am right on this. Oldest and ever green illusion. I will offer 9/10 to this.

Moving Image

Tell me what is this? Is this image moving or not? This time you have to make guess on this. I am not going to tell this one. Every one of us faced this illusion. Very much popular illusion and I offer 10/10 to this.

Grid Illusion

As you move your eyes, dark dots quickly appear and disappear at the intersection points but if you look directly on any intersection, the dark dots vanish. This one came from Germany. Can you solve the mystery of this illusion? How this works?

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