Top 10 Headphones to Buy

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Are you looking for the best headphones to experience unreliable sound quality? Read all the reviews and feedback from satisfied customers and then go for the best option. Here are the top 10 headphones for you, just have a look:

Best Headphones to Buy for Quality Music

1. AKG K512

AKG K512

Get the best sound quality at low price. AKG K512 headphones are proof that best things doesn’t comes with high money. Get the fantastic sound with these headphones. Approximate price is $ 44.73

Buy AKG K512

2. B & W P3

B & W P3

These headphones are attractive and easily portable due to its light weight and foldable design. You can buy this item at the price of $199.99

Buy B & W P3

3. Soundmagic E10

Soundmagic E10

I like these headphones because these are good at bass with balanced musical. These are in-ear headphones and you can carry these into your pocket. I say must go item for mobile phone users. The price of this headphone is $ 39.06

Buy Soundmagic E10

4. Sony XBA-3

Sony XBA-3

With 108 dB/mW this in-ear headphone is good option for music lovers. This earphone will provide you an impedance of 12 ohm. Sound quality is clear, powerful and punchy. The price of Sony XBA-3 headphone is $ 132.87

Buy Sony XBA-3

5. SOL Republic Master Tracks

SOL Republic Master Tracks

These headphones provide you ultimate music experience as well as unique looks. You can change the headbands of this headphone as you like. Price of this headphone is $199.99

Buy SOL Republic Master Tracks

6. Final Audio Design Adagio III

Final Audio Design Adagio III

Feel the luxury and awesomeness of music with these in-ear headphones. These Japanese high-end headphones are good option for music lovers. The price of Final Audio Design Adagio III is $ 98.

Buy Final Audio Design Adagio III

7. Bose AE2w


This one is wireless headphone and pretty compatible with smartphone, i-Pad and Bluetooth devices. The price of Bose AE2w is $249.99

Buy Bose AE2w

8. SoundMagic P30

SoundMagic P30

With 108 dB/mW, SoundMagic P30 headphone are good choice among music lovers. You will going to love the sound quality of these headphones. SoundMagic P30 offers you sound sensitivity at 1 kHz and it costs you near about $ 44.

Buy SoundMagic P30

9. Sennheiser Momentum

Sennheiser Momentum

Sennheiser signature sound quality so this headphone offers you amazing sound quality. With 18 ohm of impedance and 10 dB/mW of sensitivity this offers you a great sound experience. The price of Sennheiser Momentum is $ 353.39

Buy Sennheiser Momentum

10. PSB M4U2


This headphone comes with noise cancellation feature. This is especially for those who love to enjoy music during travel. The price of this headphone is $399

Buy PSB M4U2
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