Top 10 Most Popular TV Serials

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Everyone love to watch television. But do you know which TV serials are world wide popular?

Here is the list of Top 10 Most Watched TV Serials.

1  Game of Thrones:


Most talked TV show over the web past year. This action serial is produced by HBO. This one is nominated by a no. of awards and prizes. The serial centers around 7 noble families who fight for control of legendary land of Westeros.

2  Breaking Bad:


This TV shows got praised from many Critics and viewers because of story and magnificent character writing. This show based on a chemistry genius. He teams up with one of his old student to cook and sell the purest crystal meth in the world, in order to ensure his family’s future.

3  The Walking Dead:


This TV show based on Zombies. This TV show became very much popular in short span of time. After creating many movies on zombies it was time to create the serial on them. And this show rocks everywhere. Mainly, comic base theme used in this show. 16.11 million Viewed this serial.

4  Dexter:


Most intriguing and complex TV show ever! This serial based on Miami police department. In this serial you enjoy murder history, criminal mind with lots of twists.

5  The Big Bang Theory:


This comes in most watches TV shows in US. Based on two scientists, this TV show made them feel what they miss in their life because of their laboratory and video games. Story goes interesting when an everyday girl takes entry.

6  How I Met Your Mother:


In this serial, a man searches for his love. He gets clues and works on them. This serial is very much interesting. This TV show based on New York city and covers a no. of romantic and heart breaking love moments. This is based on same concept as Friends.

7  Friends:


This show doesn’t require any introduction. What I say, superb comedy. 52.5 million viewers makes it most watched TV show. This TV show turns around six friends who live in New York. This includes their life, love, job and secrets.

8  Lost:


This TV show started in 2004 and a story of survivors of a mysterious airplane crash. How they struggle, what they face and how the situation gets worst. All these things are covered in this single TV serial. This is a hit serial with 18.6 million viewers.

9  House M.D.


This show earned near about $409,000 (£250,000) per episode. This covers a doctor’s life. A doctor, who faces a number of puzzled medical cases. This was started in 2004 and ended in 2012.

10  Sherlock:


Again, no introduction is needed for this name. England’s most popular detective Sherlock homes makes you surprise with his amazing brain power and results. With TV show, you can enjoy a no. of books, cartoons and movies on this popular detective.

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