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Top 10 Helpful Tips for Holi: Enjoy The Fest of Colors


Holi- A festival of colors and enjoyment! On this day everyone play with colors, water guns, water filled balloons, etc. But Skin and Hair safety during Holi is extremely important.  Did you know that colors used during this festival can harm your skin and hair? So it is advised by our elders and experts to use oil in a good quantity to our hair as well as to skin so that the colors do not stick. You can go for the scarfs and bandannas for your hair safety and use goggles on your eyes. These accessories will not only protect your eyes, hair and skin but will also add some unique style in you. Don’t ruin down the enjoyment of this amazing festival by damaging your skin and hair. Make your Holi safe and joyful with these 10 tips:

Skin Care

Don’t avoid the proper quantity of oil on your skin. Use moisturizer in bulk so that you can minimize the harm and sticking time period of Holi colors. Make sure that you apply a good quantity and quality sunscreen or moisturizers before go out for play. You can go with the Vaseline, olive oil, coconut oil, mustard oil on your face and body. Let the skin absorb it for at least 15-20 minutes. It acts as a barrier and protects your skin from allergies. Also do something for your lips. Apply a good lip balm on these.

Hair Care

It is very difficult to save your hairs from colors. 80% of people face hair fall or other hair problems due to Holi colors. Don’t take it light, only option is to be preparing in advance. Avoid artificial colors contact to your hairs as they can cause dryness. Fulfill thrust of your hairs with lots of oil. Take a good massage with coconut hair oil generously on your scalp and hair length. Coconut oil prevents excessive dryness and roughness. If you do so then you can easily remove the colors from the roots of your hairs otherwise it takes a lots of time. Rinse your hair with shampoo after playing the Holi. It is advisable to use a conditioner. It helps in nourishment and will hydrate your hair. Apply some warm oil if you still feel dryness! Use oil before playing Holi and avoid hair problem, simple!

Eye Care

As you know that it is impossible to keep your face away from colorful attacks. So it is advisable that you keep your eyes tightly close. Take care of your eyes as well as other eyes. Do not try to put colors into any one’s eye. It can lead to serious condition. Wear eye shades for protecting eyes from color. This will give you different look from your friends. If you wear eyeglasses then use them. Don’t think that they will get dirty. Noting is important than your eyes.

Finger and Nails

Paint your nails with transparent nail paints. It is very difficult to remove the color from nails and knees. So it is better to take care of such parts in advance. Most of the time your hand stay in touch with colors so you have to struggle a lot to remove color from these. Apply oil at palms and knees.

Color Selection

You should use herbal colors as much as possible. They are made in a traditional manner by drying and crushing herbs like Henna, spices like Turmeric and flowers like Roses. Herbals colors are skin friendly and cause no harm. Avoid artificial colors as they cause dryness, irritation and other harms to skin and hair. It is easier to remove the natural colors from your skin as compare to artificial one. Go for red and pink colors as they are more natural and have fewer chemicals in them. Avoid gaudy purples, greens, yellows and oranges colors because these have more harmful chemicals.

Removing Colors

After all the enjoyments; it’s time to be kind on your skin! Use a gentle cleanser for your face. Do not use the hot water to remove the colors. Hot water makes the color stay and it gets difficult to remove them. Apply mild oil and try to get rid of colors. Take a shower and then apply good quality moisturizer. Try to avoid bleach, waxing or shaving in this period because the skin is prone to allergies. Wash your body with lukewarm water and face with cold water. You can rub lemon wedges on your skin to lighten the colors staining. Apply a paste of wheat flour and oil mixture. Apply it for few minutes and then rinse.

Don’t Force Anyone

Do not force anyone to play Holi if they don’t want to play, let them go. There may be many reasons behind this. Don’t think that your bullies will bring cheers to their life. People have different thinking and moods according to situations. It is good to enjoy but you are not supposed to disturb any other people. Be a kind person to everyone and do not throw colors on someone who does not want to play. Forceful holi can result into accident or can be a reason of fighting. So avoid this. Enjoy within your family and friend circle.

Avoid Drink

Avoid liquor. Do not drink Bhang; at least do not drink it in access. You should avoid drive if you are high on alcohol or bhang. Don’t harsh anyone for your enjoyment. Meet new people. Spend your time in celebrating this festival with your family and friends. This is meant to forget all the enemies and for making new friends. So behave accordingly. Don’t let down the image of this day by falling in liquor. Finally, remember, Holi is a joyous celebration of spring, love, friendship, and the resurrection of all that is good and beautiful in this world.

Don’t Harm Animals

Be polite to animals. Take care of your children. Advise them not to throw color on any animals as they cannot remove these colors easily. Your fun can be a cause of allergies to them. Usually children throws water balloons on cows, dogs, pigs and other street animals. Stop them to do so. You are not supposed to harm any animal.


Go for full-sleeved t-shirts or shirts and leggings. This will helps you to keep your body clean and avoid direct color contact. Wearing socks on Holi is a good idea. By doing so, you can protect sensitive body parts from Holi colors. Do not think about laundering the Holi clothes. Use old and ragged clothes to wear so that you can discard them immediately after playing Holi.

In last, have a blast on this festival!
We wish our readers a Happy and Safe Holi. Play safe and save water.

होली है!!! :)

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