Top 10 Ways to Attract a Woman


Every second guy want to impress a girl but most of them fails! Do you know why? 10 out of 10 guys want to attract a woman but only a few get success, some fails due to lack of confidence and other fails because they don’t know the correct way to talk to a girl. Don’t worry, Chill on this. Hold on your mouse and scroll down slowly to learn the top 10 ways to impress any girl. Try these and I guarantee that she’s both impressed and intrigued by you.

10 Steps to Impress a Girl:

1. Be Casual


Don’t even try to think that you are ready to do anything for her. Don’t jump to marriage just after first meeting or date. If you had fun night-out or spent a lot of time then do not call her 10 times a day. Give some space to her. Do not rush into anything and keep yourself cool. She will respect you and offer you more closeness if you take thing step by step. So be a little bit casual.

2. Be Original


Try to do little bit fun activities that she doesn’t get to do with anyone else. Be a shoulder for her but do not make false promises.  When you get together, try some adventures activities. My idea is: Go to some lonely place by cycling, if you can. Take care of her safety. These types of thing and originality make her addictive of you.

3. Be Unpredictable


The biggest mistake that everyone does, being predictable. Most of the men thinks that a women is going to like him if they tell her everything clearly. But in reality it kills the excitement and anticipation. So if you are in a mood to try long term relationship, avoid this thing. Come up with some surprises and excitements like call her for movie and take her to the dinner. Call her for the dinner and take her directly to the bedroom or anything else better idea in your mind. If she knew exact thing that what you are going to do then it kills all the interest in her. So be unpredictable.

4. Be Mysterious


Let her understand what you are. Don’t tell everything by yourself, especially – the impressive one. When is get to know these things from any other mouth she will be flat on you. For example, if she asks that do you play any game? say no to her even you are a boxing champion. She will impress not only with your talent, but also with your sense of humor. So hold something back and be different from others.

5. Be Cool


Be a guy of values. Don’t sweats on small stuff. Understand the importance of small thing. Don’t panic on small thing like unreturned call. In fact tell her that you were also busy so you did not call her again or you were too busy that did not notice this thing. In this case, she may things that you were busy with another woman, which is always a good thing. Keep your nature calm for her. Don’t shout on small things.

6. Be Respectful


Be Chivalrous! Every woman wants to offer her hand to a good guy. Make habit of little things like open door for her, pull chair for her and when you are walking outside with her; show some safety. Hold her hand and take care of surroundings. When you are at good place like a restaurant or any beach then put your hand on the small of her back. You don’t even guess what she can do for you now.

7. Value Yourself


“Value yourself and then another value you” I am sure you heard thing this before. Now it’s time to apply this thing in your relationship. Do not be always available for her. Plan you meeting and don’t let your work life ruin because of a dinner or date. Keep this thing for emergency. If you put all the efforts in making her happy, she did not value you and your time. Also make her work by picking you up or by paying for dinner or ask her for other small favors. The more work she puts into the relationship, the more she’ll value it. So also give her a chance to show that she also loves you or care for you.

8. Enjoy Life


Have a great life of your own. Facts say that woman like those guys who have their own life and their own way of enjoyments. No one wants to be a part of your boring work life and yawning stories. In fact a woman love those guys who don’t need any women in their life to enjoy. So be the master in at least one thing. Choose it from your business, hobbies, sports or any other thing. Bet me, she will do anything to be a part of your successful life.

9. Be A Planner


Plan everything. A women love a man who has good planning. When she is going out with you, tell her what to wear, at what exactly time you will come to pick her. Don’t make her work by taking the decisions. Plan everything. You should be clear with a picture that where are you going and what to do. She will fall in love with your managing skills. Just give relax feeling to her. Try to make her day as weekend or holiday. And later, if she is agree then show her your bedroom. Be a gentleman; let her clothes off for her.

10. Make a Move


In a relationship, if a woman proves herself that she loves you. Now it’s your turn. Be a man and make a move. It’s time to take next step. Go and kiss her. Women don’t respect a man who doesn’t have the guts. You have to take initiate. Don’t let her down. Making a move will make her feel sexy and attractive. It will show her that you are the type of confident, powerful man she is looking for. She loves you more by doing this activity. But be sure about right time.


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