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Top 5 Most Popular Hill Stations in India


A quick weekend getaway is something that most of us crave for. Travelling as well as exploring new locations happens to be a commonly liked hobby among a good number of people out there. Of late you can see a number of people developing their liking towards visiting a hill station. Let us now acquaint ourselves with the top 5 most popular hill stations that are based in India.

Kullu and Manali

One of the most popular hill stations in India that is known especially for its serenity and beauty is none other than Kullu and Manali. This particular hill station mainly stands out for its web of splendid looking valleys that tend to look equally beautiful both during the vibrant sunny days as well as fog filled misty days. Kullu and Manali make for a popular tourist destination all thanks to its flower clad meadows supported by tiny rivulets and streams that are seen gushing at a heavy pace. If you happen to visit this hill station, then make sure that you do not end up giving a miss to the colorful shawls are caps that happen to be a specialty of Kullu.


If Snow Clad Himalayan Peaks are what you fantasize then in that case make it a point to visit Mussoorie once in your whole lifetime. If you want your eyes to experience the best of Mussoorie, then the summer season is the right time to visit this hill station. One outstanding feature associated with this location is nothing, but its climate that tends to remain pleasant throughout the year. Mussoorie is known to come complete with a number of attractive tourist destinations, some of the important ones being Depot Hill, KemptyFalls, DoonValley and Camel’s Back Road among others.


One of the outstanding hill stations located in Southern India is nothing, but Kodiakanal. If you are a die-hard trekker, then Kodiakanal will definitely have a number of opportunities in store for you. To be more specific as a trekker you get an outstanding chance of choosing among seventeen different trekking routes. Furthermore, it wouldn’t be wrong to claim that Kodiakanal is a must visit for all the bird watchers out there. Similarly, the hill slopes at Kodiakanal are known to be covered with conifers as well as eucalyptus trees. Likewise, you can also have an encounter with a number of wild flowers and exotic orchids if you were to visit this hill station.


One of the highly visited hill stations in India is none other than Shimla. If you were to visit Shimla, then you will be left mesmerized by simply viewing the dense forests that comprise of oak, deodar as well as pine trees. One activity that you should avoid giving a miss on your visit to this particular destination is none other than ice-skating. Furthermore, other activities that you can keep yourself engaged in, on your visit to Shimla include fishing, golfing, skiing as well as trekking to list down a few. If you wish to come in close contact with nature, then make it a point to take the toy train ride from Kalka station to Shimla.

Mount Abu

One of the hill stations that is particularly characterized by umpteen amount of flora that mainly comprises of shrubs as well as dense forests is nothing, but Mount Abu. Irrespective of the time of the year every time when you happen to visit MountAbu, you are likely to get a taste of the cool climate present there. Apart from this, the charming forest hills in MountAbu are sure to leave you stunned. Similarly, you will be more than happy to view the lakes, temples as well as landscapes that are dominant in this particular hill station. MountAbu is highly popular not only as a tourist destination, but also as a place of pilgrimage.

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