Top Dance Styles around the World


Dancing is a good fun and exercise. We all know that, but you know what? This is not only the exercise. Dance is a combination of perfect moves, face expressions, emotional, social interactions and exercise. There is a lot of competition, and this is very big industry. If you can dance perfectly, you need not to work. This talent can make more money for you rather than a good job. World is very small now a days, so I knew many of you are familiar with some of these styles and may be a master in one but I guarantee, some are very new for you. Let’s explore the top 10 dance of the world:

1. Bollywood Dance:


This is not a type based dance. Actually, this is the most widely used dance in Indian movies. This contains every style, every mood and culture. In this dance, Indian dance and music get combined with big Hollywood movies. One can take this as a R&D in dancing because every-day comes with a new combination and style.

2. Line Dance:


This is group dance and includes a repeated sequence of steps. People performing this dance, all facing the same direction, and executes the steps at the same time. This is mainly a synchronization art. Everyone has their importance and they need full practice, if one fails, whole group fails.

3. Salsa:


This is mainly a couple dance and very much popular all over the world. Cuba is the country who contributed this style in dance industry. You should learn this dance if you want to enjoy best romantic moments with your partner.

4. Ballet:


This dancing style is originated in Italy in 15th century. This is very complicated dance and taught in different-different ballet schools all over the world. The dance is usually choreographed with orchestral or vocal music. This demand good flow and balanced body.

5. Break Dance:


This is a street dance, popularized by Michale Jackson. This is also named as B-boying or B-girling because performer of this dance is called as B-boy or B-girl. This needs perfection in balance, fast approach, strength, skill and technique.

6. Kathak:


Indian style, stated in south Indian temples, comes under most difficult dance. The name of this dance is derived from Sanskrit that means a story because every step of this dance tells a story. This style somewhat similar with belly dance but not in terms of music.

7. Belly Dance:


The name is Belly dance, but this involves your full body movement. Shakira does this perfectly. Now you got what type of dance I am taking about. This was started in 18th centuries, and now whole word is the platform for this dance.

8. Yangko Dance:


Origin of this dance is China. Now this is cultural activity of China.  This traditional folk dance involves swaying of the body to certain rhythms. This dance is near about one thousand year history in Chinese culture and is usually performed in the Lantern Festival.

9. Tap Dance:


Totally shoe based dance. In this style, a dancer has to dance with metal plate attached shoes on a hard floor. When dancer hit his shoe on a hard surface, it creates a percussive sound so dancer is considered as a musician in this type of dance.

10. Hip-hop:


Street Dance is another name for this dance. This was started in 1970 and made popular by young crowd of US in streets. This type of dance usually danced with Hip-Hop type of music.


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