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Top Ten Interesting Facts about India

People say Incredible India! Have you thought of why? If No, here we are with the facts.

Top 10 Facts about India that will blow your mind away. Check it out.


Shocking + Amazing; by knowing this fact that INDIA’s population is more than 1.2 billion, the Second largest country in world after China. And if current growth continues, India has not only crossed the 1.2 billion but also rank No .1 in terms of young population. India set to be the youngest country by 2020.

Custom & Tradition

“Atithi Devo Bhavah” means Guest is like God and this is just not a tag line. It’s been truly followed by Indian. Treatment given to the guest is just like we do the worship to God. The feeling is amazing and conquers the heart of every tourist who visits to India. This thing makes them feel like visiting again and again.

Places to visit

When foreigner visits to India they always rush to places like J &K, Goa, Banaras, and Agra reason being they are most popular place known for their heritage and beauty. Visited India and not went to Agra would be a big miss. So don’t miss the chances and go for Taj Mahal which is one of the 7 wonder of the world till the date. Taj Mahal is the symbol of love and made by “Shah Jahan” in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. Goa could second option to visit, especially in the Christmas and New Year. Great celebration at the beaches and it can conquer anyone’s heart easily. Though they are great to visit, there is so much more to be explored in this fascinating land.


Country of colors and Lightning. India has numbers of festivals which have their own significance and story. You will definitely get a festival in every month among of those few are popular and are celebrated and widely known are Diwali, Holi, Durga Puja, and Ganesh Chaturthi. Festivities can go on for days.


Indian dress has an edge over other countries. Whether it’s western or traditional dress, Indian has got a plus point. If we talk about ancient time; people used to wear Dhoti Kurta and sharee which is a trademark for Indian simplicity and beauty. Even foreigner love to wear Dhoti Kurta and they found it interesting dress. India has different dress for different region defining their culture.

India cuisine

Indian food is known for its variety in world which probably no other food offers. North Indian, East Indian and South Indian foods have their own magic in taste. But this is the fact that south Indian food has an edge over the north Indian food. The real treats of Indian cuisine are chicken and fish tikkas, naan and sweet dishes. Story just not ends here. Still to go with the snack and especially Indian streets food are very famous for its cheap and tasty food items. Indian Street Food: A Yummmm. Mouth gets watered automatically. So, you will get different tastes under one roof. Much Famous for “Kadhi”

Beauty and Nature

Land with many mysterious paradoxes. From the Kashmir to Kanyakumari, India is full of beautiful places. In India one can find mountains, rivers, forests, desserts, lakes, sea and green plains.

Inventions and Discovery

When we talk about inventions. The first comes in mind is for Araybhatiya who doesn’t need an introduction as, we know that he contributed number zero for which he became immortal. It is not just stop here. Another discovers done by Baudhayana, an Indian mathematician who was first calculated the value of PI.


Music, dance, TV Serials, movies these are now become the source of entertainment. Indian cinema has contributed many films and out them few films has been nominated for Oscar and won the Oscar. The contribution of Actors and Musician has made the mark and got recognition worldwide.

Unknown facts

Well there are some things which might interest you and would led your CURIOSITY at peak. They are Chess was invented in India. Now known all over the world, chess had its beginnings in India. Second is Yoga Originating in India, and now a world-wide form of exercise and relaxation. Transportation – India has second largest train network in the world.

Country like INDIA is the more you explore the more you get to know about the facts which are endless. Well with these Interesting fact I leave it now you with the post to Think why It’s Incredible INDIA.

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