Danielle Collins wins over Naomi Osaka

Osaka's matchup against late-blooming American Danielle Collins will be a tough one

Naomi Osaka is still struggling to win a Grand Slam

Collins won the first set of the tiebreaker and then eliminated Osaka 7-6, 6-3 in a match

Osaka, who has won two U.S. Open titles (2018, 2020) but has struggled with mental-health issues

Last season, Osaka took two extended breaks from tennis. After her third-round loss in New York, she took a mental health break

Osaka lost in the third round in Australia and the first round at the French Open this season

Osaka said. “I’m beginning to feel like I can’t hit the shots that I know I can, like especially on my forehand.”

Osaka got a tough draw in facing American Danielle Collins