Mary Peltola wins U.S. House election

Mary Peltola has been elected to the U.S. House, beating Sarah Palin by a wide margin

Mary Peltola will become Alaska's lone representative in Congress after winning a special election

She will be the first Alaska Native to serve in Congress

Peltola won with 51.5% of the vote, to Palin’s 48.5%

Peltola, who represented Bethel in the state House for 10 years, was more popular than former Gov. Sarah Palin by almost 9 percent

Peltola will complete her term, and Palin, Begich and other candidates will face off again in November

Peltola and Palin served together as state legislators

Palin had sharp words for her fellow Republican Begich, she refrained from attacking Peltola during the campaign, calling her a sweetheart