Spending Paris Saint Germain budget Analysis

Passages in the 2022-23 Purdue Student Government budget were derailed by procedural issues

Internal spending concerns prevent PSG budget vote from passing

PSG President Andrew Jensen said the club was now contractually obligated to pay for their attendance at the event

Money was also reallocated to fund the small grants program, which provided grants for local projects

PSG and other organizations usually have retreats every year, but because of COVID they’ve had to be on campus and at meetings

PSG Press Secretary Evan Chrise said. “So it’s going to be a little bit more of a networking thing with different groups.”

PSG has $110,529 in its 2022-2023 budget

PSG advisors like Martia King will help you with trade show expenses, such as meals and travel costs

PSG senators then approved the appointments of several members of Jensen’s cabinet as well as Julia Hamblen